Strong Women Should NEVER Do These Things for a Man — or Anyone Else

Things Women Should Never Do For a Man!

When it comes to relationships, there are often things that you have to compromise. But being a lady, you should understand that you may lose a part of yours and the part of who you are, when you are head over heels for someone.

So ladies, you should never ever do the following four things for a man or anyone else!


#1: Change Your Appearance:

Well of course, when your man loves you who you are, he will never force you to change and alter the way you look for his benefit. If any part of yours, your weight, your hair, your complexion or your style bothers him, he is clearly not made for you. If you make any physical change, it should be for yourself, not for others.

#2: Compromise Your Passion:

When you are with your SO, you should never ever compromise your goals. It is your life, your career and nothing is worth preferring over your goals. As a matter of fact, the future is never guaranteed. Your partner should support your endeavors, and he should be willing to be with you along the ride.

#3: Wait for his Approval:

A strong woman never awaits the approval of other to lead her life. It is your life and you have every right to do things on your own. Take his opinion, but never sit around for instructions. If you have your mister, you are grown enough to know what is best for you.

#4: Let him Change Who You Are:

Apart from appearance, you should not change who you are for someone else. If he is forcing you to change your habits, your goals and your way of living, chances are that he is trying to take over your life. Never lose sight of who you are.

So ladies, “Better to be Strong than pretty and Useless”. Be yourself and  you will conquer the world!