How to make a guy fall in love with you in just 5 steps

Ladies, here are all the secret tips for you to make a guy fall in love.

Do you want to make any guy fall for you? Have you always wonder how other women make it till the end an achieve relationship goals ? Want to know all the secret recipe of being a successful couple? Then honey, you are in the right place. Here I am going to discuss very simple rules that will make a guy fall in love with you in just 5 steps. So lets get started:

Use this 5 phrases:

#1. Be Loyal

Man tends to like honesty.  No bond can be grown or make stronger without honesty. Loyalty is something that actually attracts guy to give you more attention to listen you or to be with you. It attracts guy to spend a little more time with you to get to know you even better. You can say that’s the beginning of every relationship.

#2. Don’t judge

Sometimes girls try to judge a guy by their outlooks, body, dressing sense, the way he walks or talks. I would like to tell you that don’t you bother yourself wasting your time doing it.  Let the guy be open up to you. Let him be as free as he wants. Guys usually tend to keep themselves locked. So if you find that you’re guy is open to you and you can read him like a open book, I can surely tell you that that’s the one you’ve been looking for.


#3. Open up yourself

Don’t make yourself to complex infront of him. Try to be as simple as you can be. Let your guy read your mind . Share your things with him. Be frank of what are you thinking, how things should be done, how you want things to be done. Try to open up yourself by making your opinions frankly.

#4. Praise on their Sense of humor

Whenever your guy is making fun of anything try to be positive about this. Try to laugh with your partner instead of giving any bad impression to it.

#5. Ability to understand every situations

Last but not the least, you should have the audacity to cope up with every situations that may come anytime. Guys don’t like dim-witted girls. You should present yourself to your guy as independent and self-oriented person who can understand and can cope up with every ups and downs of life.

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