How to Look Amazing On Video Calls When Dating Online

One of the best methods to communicate with your online date is through video calls. It establishes authenticity and helps you to connect deeply with the person you’re dating. When doing video calls, you want to look your best. Some of the Dating Mentor  articles highlight that you should prepare your setting before your call and also ensure you look as good as you would going out on a date. Here are a few tips to help you look your best on video calls when dating online.

Tips to Look Stunning and Feel Confident on Camera for Your Video Calls

Dress for the Occasion 

The first tip on how to look on video calls when dating online is dressing for the camera. When you’re at home alone, no one expects you to be in your best outfit. In many cases, you only dress sharply when you’re going to the office and prefer to let loose while at home. However, during a video call with your online date, you want to look presentable.

Besides, it would help if you chose your outfit based on how it will appear on the screen. As a rule, neutral colors, cool shades of green or blue, and pastels look flattering on computer cameras. You should avoid very dark or bright colors such as black as these don’t translate well. Also, avoid colors similar to your skin tone or your room’s background, and don’t wear busy patterns as you want your date to focus on you.

Apply Makeup to Accentuate and Brighten 

blond girl applying makeup

Using makeup is one of the best dating online tips as it helps you maintain your confidence. There are several rules, though, if you choose to do makeup before a video call. Skip eye makeup because it doesn’t show on camera or it gets too dark. A little mascara is enough.

Lipstick enhances your appearance on the computer camera. A bold red color might not pop as you like it so that a deeper shade would be ideal in this situation. If you’re not into lipstick, a petroleum-based moisturizer or Vaseline will do the job just perfectly. You can use a concealer, maybe several dabs around your eyes to conceal dark circles and on your cheekbones for the contour to add dimension.

Find Good Lighting

Another powerful tip on how to do a great video call when dating online is finding good lighting. Shadows on your face can highlight signs you didn’t sleep enough, and too little light could obscure your best features. Find a sunlit window and face it or use light directly behind the laptop, tablet, or phone. One of the online dating pros is that you don’t need to stress about expensive equipment because you can use your mobile device paired with a small selfie light, which clips onto your device. The selfie light positions your phone and provides lighting.

Get the Height Right

Always keep the cameras at eye level when video calling. This is one of the most important free dating online tips as it helps you avoid weird camera angles. You might need to assemble a setup involving a stack of books or a stool on the table, for example. An adjustable-height stand would work more flawlessly. A tripod would do as well, especially if you’re using your phone.

Tidy Up Your Room 

Ensuring a clean room is dating online advice that sounds like doing too much work, but it helps to form an opinion about you. If the background is messy, you end looking messy as well. Minimize distraction by maintaining a tidy background. How you present yourself talks about your personality, so be sure to send the right message to your online date.

One of dating online cons is that you have to do more to prove your authenticity. A small mistake could throw your date off, so ensure to get every detail right.

Look at the Camera

woman working at home with her laptop

Looking at the screen feels like the natural way to chat on a video call. However, the person you’re chatting with sees a different presentation. You appear like you’re looking at something else. To create the impression of eye contact, look directly at the camera hole. This will make your date feel closer to you.


With video calls, focus on being presentable to trigger the trust you want to get from your date. Dress elegantly and do your makeup to accentuate your best features. Also, find the perfect spot in your home with good lighting and a soothing background.

What’s your best experience with video calls when dating online? Leave some tips in the comments below.