Use These 3 Phrases to Make Any Guy Fall for You

Who doesn’t love to make any guy fall for him, right? We all want to make our guys fascinated to us. But the question is how to do that? We think we know what man wants and likes but sometimes we do mistakes while treating them. What if I tell you that you can easily make any guy dissolve by your words! Just 3 phrases, YES you are reading it right. Just 3 phrases can help to get that attention from your desire one. So let’s start ladies, I am going to show you how to use these 3 phrases to make any guy fall for you.

Compliment on his style:

What we usually do is compliment others on their look. Actually it’s a wrong idea. First of all complimenting on his looks is straight and kinda light. There is no mystery or attractions on this. These are very direct way to praise someone.  And secondly look is something that one cannot do anything about it. It is not something he chooses to be. So instead of this you can complement of their style. For example: praise on their shoes or sunglasses or haircut. It will make him feel good about himself.


Show interest on his favorite topic:

When we talk to someone we usually talk about what we like. If you want your man around don’t do this anymore. Talk about his favorites topics instead of yours. Let him know that you also like to talk about baseball like he do or anything else. This will make him way more comfortable around you.


Make him feel confident:

If you can make any guy confident by your words obviously he would want to be with more and more. And it’s not that tough. I am going to tell you one simple sentence that will do the work. Just say ‘I feel safe around you’. This little sentence has a great impact. This is going to feel him like superman. Not everyone makes him feel that. So if you can do that he will want to hang with more.