9 Ways to Mix & Match Polka-dot Motifs

Polka-dot motifs are often avoided. The reason is because these round balls are “tacky” and too crowded to be made outfit everyday. But that reason is a big one, with the right mix and match, polka dot motif can be a cool fashion outfit.

  • The timeless polka-dot jumpsuit you can wear during casual and semi-formal occasions.
  • Polka-dot closely related to the impression of vintage. Use this dress for an elegant vintage impression
  • Polka-dot jeans can be your mainstay when relaxing or college
  • This polka-dot dress can make you look adult. Your joy is also radiated always
  • Hangout or dating will also be memorable with this classy polka-dot blouse motif
  • Polka-dot dress is not an obstacle to coming to the office. Simply combine with a blazer, your appearance will be beautiful and neat instantly
  • This weekend is a vacation plan to the beach, use polka-dot motifs
  • The color of black and white magic will also look slick if polka-dot is the motive
  • Make you a headscarf, please look different with polka-dot shirt or pants motifs

Which polka-dot motif represents your personality? As long as it is appropriate and you do not become someone else when wearing this polka-dot outfit motif.