5 Different Ways You Don’t know You Could Use Your Lipsticks

We all know that there are many trendy lips looks floating around all over instagram these days like ombre lips, metallic lips, rainbow lips and some of them are really awesome. But what you still don’t that you could use your lipstick in so many uses other than just apply it on your lips. Are you already interested to know the details? Okay then I won’t make any delay ladies. Let’s go to the 5 different ways you don’t know you could use your lipsticks.

Color correcting:

Sometimes we really suffer to cover that dark circles with makeup. In this case you could easily hide these dark circles using liquid lipstick. If you have heavy dark circle then use orange shade and if light then use nude color lipsticks.

Filling your eyebrows:

Do you have colored hair? Then this tip will be your favorite one. Take any liquid lipstick that matches your hair color and apply it on your eyebrows. To get the perfect look simply filling you eyebrows with very soft hands. Now your brows match your hair color. How cool is that.


I know you are thinking that why it didn’t come to your mind yet. Contouring can be very easy with your dark lipstick shades. You can use creamy texture lipstick to blend it well.


Using lipstick as your blush. This trick is already become so popular that most of us know this.  Take any pink or coral lipstick and take a little amount of it to your finger.  No apply it to your cheeks in circular motion. You can use brush also but finger are great.


Yes you are reading it right. No more need to buy colorful mascara because now you can make it your own. All you need just an old mascara brush and a liquid lipstick. Put the mascara brush in the liquid lipstick and apply it on your eyelashes. Use 2 or 3 coats to get the attractive eyes.

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