Wear Gingham This Summer; Celebrity Tips

Attention all gingham lovers! This is your time to rise again!

All of the gingham lovers all over the world know gingham LITERALLY never goes out of style. We have seen gingham on Princess Diana, J Crew commercials back in the days and now even on Taylor Swift and Vanessa Hudgens! If you know how to wear gingham the right way, you know it is the most girly and chic style out there!

The best thing about gingham is it comes with a bit of casual and a lot of playful and preppy! And we know it was a huge hit in the spring/summer 2016, and yes we want to bring it back!

We have come up with great ways to wear gingham! Scroll down and learn to rock gingham this summer!

Gingham Pants

Wear Gingham This Summer

Such a killer office vibe yet classy –Alexa Chung wore her gingham pants heels and a printed shirt. And we LOVE IT!


Blast from the past

Brigitte Bardot had a special place for gingham and knew exactly how to rock it. She showed us gingham looks just as great as a full high-waisted skirt paired with a simple black tee.


Wear Gingham This Summer
A Blast from the past


Taylor Swift and Gingham

Wear Gingham This Summer
Swift and her true love to gingham

We all have seen Swift’s obsession with gingham for a longggg time and we can exactly see why!


How Vanessa Hudgens Rocked Gingham

Wear Gingham This Summer
Vanessa rocking gingham

Vanessa seems to prefer large checks when it comes to gingham. We adored how she went with vintage-inspired dress and a tied-back bun and look all summer ready with a bit of chic.

Gingham can do Lady-like

Wear Gingham This Summer
Alexa Strikes again

This pretty pink dress is proof of Alexa Chung’s obsession with gingham. She paired it with white court shoes and she drew the lady out of herself.


Amal Clooney and Gingham

Wear Gingham This Summer
Amal Clooney and Gingham

She showed us how to bring gingham to office. Amal matched it with a sexy and formal pencil skirt and still looked like she is ready to welcome summer!