The Beauty Trends You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere in 2018

Happy new year! Given up on your resolutions yet? Science says you will by February.

Happy new year! Given up on your resolutions yet? Science says you will by February. Anyway! We’ve compiled a list of beauty trends that will not only not disappear by February, but will continue to grow in popularity. In fact, you’ll be seeing them everywhere in 2018. We guarantee it.

To be clear, inclusivity is not a trend. Brands expanding their shades ranges to finally include every skintone is not a fad that can come and go. It’s nothing less than a long overdue change in the direction of equality. However, inclusivity in the beauty industry made this list because it is a move that presumably more and more brands will head toward. So in 2018, prepare to see more brands adopting the Fenty, M.A.C and Lancôme approach and providing 30+ shades of foundation. It’s about time.

AR and VR
In 2018, robots will be able to do your makeup while you sleep! Just kidding. (Or am I? I honestly don’t know.) Technology has played a huge role in beauty in the past few years, thanks to apps and in-store experiences that let you try on hairstyles, makeup and more. But this year, all those things that we know and love will become even more sophisticated. Take for example, M.A.C’s magic mirrors, which launched in U.S stores at the end of 2017. According to WWD, “the M.A.C virtual try-on mirrors include a curated set of 29 custom eye looks. The styles are mapped to the face 30 times per second, a process that places the looks to within a fraction of a pixel for each face. The end result is an accurate rendition that is often indistinguishable from the real-life application of the looks by a makeup artist.” Insane, right? Bring on the robots!

Korean beauty has basically taken over the beauty industry in the last few years. From BB cream to essences to cushion compacts to 12-step skincare routines to glass skin (yup, all K-beauty innovations), there really is no corner of the makeup and skincare world that it hasn’t touched—and improved upon. In 2018, Japanese beauty will slide into the mainstream, too. We’re all already obsessed with Japanese brands like Shiseido and SK-II, but this year be prepared to hear a lot about brands like DHC and Hada Labo Tokyo. Hardcore skin fanatics will love J-beauty’s clinical approach to skincare.

Not to be shady or anything, but music videos have been kind of boring lately. But 2018 is already off the a great start (love ya, Cardi), which has to be a good sign. Back in 2017, Dua Lipa‘s “New Rules” video also gave us a glimmer of hope, in the form of bright colours, fun beauty looks, and an entire scene dedicated to hair brushing. Here’s to the return of great music videos and the beauty moments that define them.

The green beauty movement has grown massively in recent years, in large part thanks to goop (probably?). In 2018, expect to see it get even bigger. But here’s hoping that responsible, scientifically sound marketing and language comes with it. This year, we’ll welcome the category with open arms, so long as words like “natural” and “toxic” aren’t thrown around with reckless abandon. (Still think your beauty products are killing you? Read this.)

…On a bare face, that is. By now, we know that you, your 3-year-old cousin and your grandma, can all contour and do a flawless full face of makeup. This year, we’re looking forward to bright pops of colour on a bare face. It’s refreshing! May we suggest you give negative space eyeliner a try while you’re at it?