75+ Natural Makeup Ideas for Special Occasions

Makeup is a great way to highlight your best features and conceal any flaws.

Makeup isn’t an everyday thing for all women. Some prefer going the Natural Makeup Ideas. And that’s fine. But we all know that when it comes to special occasions, even those who prefer to go without will want to put their best face forward. Makeup is a great way to highlight your best features and conceal any flaws. While some of us are especially gifted in creating the perfect look, it’s still a struggle for a lot of women.

Natural Makeup Ideas for Special Occasions

Now, the easiest solution to this dilemma is to visit a salon every time there’s a special occasion. But that isn’t going to do your wallet any favors. Which is why we’ve compiled tips and tutorials to help you create that look you’ve always dreamed of.

Give yourself a bit of eye-catching sparkle with glitter makeup. Apply light-colored eye shadow along the crease of your eye. You can choose the color that matches your mood. Gray or light brown would be the perfect choice for a natural look while light blue or pink will give you a more colorful appearance. Next, pick a color that matches your first choice and dust it all over your eyelid using a flat brush.

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For the outer corner of your eye, pick a darker color such as dark brown or black. Then, soften the look by blending the darker color with the color on your eyelid. Subtly apply some of the same darker color under your eye with a smudge brush. On top of the brow bone, apply a bit of light color to highlight it. Then, use your eyeliner and mascara to create a winged look or something similar to up the glam even more.

For the shimmery style, use a glittery liner under your eye, in the creases, and underneath the winged liner. The best thing about this style is that you can choose the colors that make you feel great and you never have to stick with just one look.