Multipurpose Makeup; Genius Ways to Reduce the Clutter in your Makeup Bag

How to re-arrange your makeup bag

A lightweight make up bag can be a god-sent if you are travelling somewhere. A small make-up bag at office might help you because you might not want to travel with makeup back and forth from home to office every day.

Using the same product for different purposes might even help you cut down on the bucks you spend on cosmetics every months especially since cosmetics tend to expire fast.

Even though some of these ideas might seem a little new and unheard of, these work like magic and tend to have the same outcome!

Eyeliner as eye-shadow

Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon


Some of you may even do this already. Go for a soft smudgy eyeliner pencil such as Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon and simply blend it with your finger tip or a small blending brush.

Lipstick as a highlighter

Kylie and KKW Nude Palette

Wait a minute if you think this is too odd! It obviously depends on the colour of your lipstick. If you have a shimmery shade it will work amazingly well. Dab a bit above your cheekbones or on your cupid’s bow to create the most gorgeous highlight. I would say go for Kylie and Kimberly’s nude lipstick palette.

Eye-shadow as a highlighter

Mac Gleam

A champagne-pink shade might go well with this. Since eye-shadows are usually vibrant than a highlighter, make sure you use the product sparingly on your cheekbones. If you are using a product like Mac, I would recommend Gleam eye-shadow.

Mascara on your eyebrows

Monsieur Big

Wipe off any excess on the brush before you use your mascara on your brows. And apply only a bit to make sure you don’t go too intense. However, if you like your lashes in black and brows in brown, this might not exactly work on you. But instead of stuffing your makeup bag with a brow powder, a brush and something else, is it not better to just replace all that with your good old mascara? Our recommendation is Monsieur Big Mascara. for a voluminous finish.

Your Bronzer as your eye-shadow base

Refined Golden
Refined Golden

Doesn’t matter even if it is shimmery or matte, a bronzer works miracles on eyelids too. I’d definitely go for a matte more than shimmery. Try out REFINED GOLDEN by Mac.