Never Ask These Questions On A First Date

If you are going on a new date learn what not to ask on first date


First dates are always so sensitive. You have be extra careful not to hurt the person or make him/her uncomfortable. It’s not that you have already liked the person and settle your life with him. It is just a basic manner that we all should maintain towards other persons. So here we are, let’s discuss about some points what you should not ask on first dates.

How much money do you make?

It is common question that we all have in our mind but better not to ask.  How much money one person make is totally their personal matter and you should not ask them in first place. Just think of yourself, will you be comfortable about this question on a First Date? So not they either. So avoid it.

What happened to your last relationship?

Among the entire unspoken question this is the most important one. I know this question is roaming around your head why he/she is looking for a new relationship? What is the story behind the past relation? The way you hate this topic to discuss so are they.

When are you planning to get married?

If you are thinking to ask this you are going way to personal. No matter how much they are looking for a new relationship they would never expect this type of question first. Don’t say any words regarding marriage. That’s it.

Do you like me?

I wonder who wants to answer this question on a first date!  No one, right? So why asking these to embarrass your new date! Give them a feel that you are comfortable to be around and it will helps them to open up.

What is your religious believe?


Religion is a heavy topic to discuss with someone especially on a first date. People get often emotional and reacted about these sensitive matters. So I will suggest leaving this topic until you two know each other better.

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