How to Do Quick Makeup When You Are in a Hurry

Learn the simple tips and tricks to do your make up in a couple of minutes

Sometimes we all have those last minute meeting or important date where you dont have any time to do your make up but have to look perfect at the same time. What to do then? Need some quick make up tips ? In this article I will help you to know some very simple steps to do your makeup. All you need to do just follow this super easy steps and be ready withing a couple of minutes. So keep reading How to Do Your Makeup When You Are in a Hurry.

Clean the face:

Always start the makeup with cleaning the face first. Take a minute and clean it with face wash. If you are really in a hurry and dont have time for it just clean your face with a wet wipes.

Do quick base make up:

After cleaning the face do a quick base make up. Apply your favourite foundation and blend it with your finger. Now take a big brush to dust powder over your face. For more quick use only bb cream instead of foundation and do the base.

Nude eye make up:

When you are in a hurry it is good to go with a nude eye make up. Dark eye shadows need time to blend well so avoid it. Apply some neutral color eye shadow on your eye lid using your finger. If you like you can do a quick water line kajol lines.Then apply one coat of mascara to your eyes.

Apply Lipstick:

Pick your favorite lipstick and apply. Dont waste your time by searching the perfect color to match with your outfit. Just pick which color always looks good on you. This tips always helps when you need to do quick make up.

Little touch up:

Now apply light pink or brown blush to your cheeks. These color goes with everything. You can skip highlighter and bronzer to save time. But if you have a little more time do them quickly. Take a very little amount of highlighter so that it cant go wrong.

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