Blink Nourishing Brow Oil; the week’s hero

Blink Nourishing Brow Oil; the week’s hero

Nothing can match up to a nice, thick set of brows. And the Blink Nourishing Brow Oil is your savior. It will not only grow you those Sofia Vergara, Cara Delevinge type brows, it will nourish and bring them to the healthy state. Just like you want them.

What is it?

This is one of brand’s bestselling products. And it is for a fair reason. This is positioned as an overnight brow treatment as it encourages hair growth and whips eyebrows into a much healthier state thanks fro the plant oils including sweet almond oil and rosemary oil.

Blink Nourishing Brow Oil 1

Who is it for?

Mainly for the over pluckers out there. the primary motive of brow oil is to encourage hair growth. Plus it is good for anyone who wants to tame the brows with a glossy finish and help thicken the brows. Luxkily it is suitable for all skin types.

How do you use it?

You can use the brow oil day or night. In the day, you can use the brow oil to groom eyebrows that gives them more of glossy and a groomed finish. Or you can finish it in the night when it is more effective. This is to make the brows healthier. This will make stimulate the growth of the brow. It also has a rollerball applicator so just roll it over the lengths of the brows and ensure each hair is coated.

Blink Nourishing Brow Oil 1

Why it’s a hero

Users commented like this,

“Even though I’m lucky enough to have thick eyebrows, I still need a little help with tidying up and encouraging hair growth in the sparser areas. As I’ve got older, I’ve noticed a thinning in my eyebrows – particularly at the inner corners – so at night, I massage in the oil, using the rollerball to stimulate hair growth. The rollerball means it’s not messy and distributes the right amount for each application. Be patient though. You need to use this religiously to reap any rewards so do put the time in!”