75+ Symbolic Crown Tattoo Designs

A crown is a symbol of a ruler, leading his or her empire and sovereignty.

If you’ve always dream of being a king or queen, then a crown tattoo is the perfect choice for you! They are very symbolic and have a striking visual appearance. Small crown tattoos can be placed on the finger. Crowns have been part of the tattoo world for many years. A crown is a symbol of a ruler, leading his or her empire and sovereignty. They are very emblematic, that is why it’s not surprising that they are used as a form of body art.

A crown has always been used to represent royal power. They are a symbol of leadership and authority. However, getting crown tattoos does not mean that you have the right to command other individuals. Crown tattoos indicate your capability to rule your own life, such as your ideas, emotions, and actions. This tattoo may also signify your self-control and prompts you to use your authority rightfully, and, of course, smartly.

Crown Tattoo Meaning

Crown Tattoo With A Wreath Of VictoryGenerally, crowns are usually worn by kings, queens, and other members of the royal family. This is the reason why it is commonly associated with royalty, dominance, and power. A crown represents the highest power in a kingdom. Consequently, crown tattoos signify the peak a person desires to reach in his life. However, wearing a crown is not only about power and pride, yet it carries responsibility too. Most often, people consider their king to be God-like. In fact, in some cultures, they depict their Gods wearing crowns. Crowns have religious implication as well.

In the Christian world, Jesus Christ was forced to wear a crown of thorns during his crucifixion. People who have solid faith in Christianity, find it relevant to wear crown tattoos to pay tribute to the sacrifice and eminence of Jesus Christ. Aside from religion, other people have personal reasons for bearing this tattoo. For instance, crown tattoos can represent their personal achievements. Crowns are also closely related to the zodiac sign Leo, which is symbolized by the lion, the king of the jungle. Since the lion is recognized as the greatest among all the animals, he has a close association with the crown. Most people who have this zodiac sign would favor getting a crown tattoo design.

Symbolic Meanings of Crown Tattoos

In ancient Greece, the champions of the Olympic Games and the greatest warriors were given crowns composed of laurel wreaths. It is a way of acknowledging their triumph, courage, and valor. In ancient history, the Egyptians assumed that the Pharaoh used the crown in connecting to God. The crown can also represent wealth and affluence since it is made of precious metals and richly embellished with gemstones. Some people believe the more jewels the ruler’s crown has, the more prosperous and powerful he was.

The imperial crown in Europe is composed of eight golden arches which symbolized the eternal life and the circular rim exemplified eternal power. The crown image is also incorporated on the shields, coat of arms, and attire of the knights and counts. It represents their nobility and greatness. Crowns are also the epitome of true love and loyalty. This can be seen on the matching tattoos worn by couples and lovers. Get inspired by these amazing images of crown tattoos.

75+ Symbolic Crown Tattoo Designs

Queen Crown Tattoos

Mom Queen Crown Tattoo

3 Point Crown Tattoo Meaning

In chess, the queen is very powerful since you can move in almost all directions. Just like in real life, our moms are our powerful queens. They help us in our journey through this crazy life. It’s not surprising that this wearer honors his mom with a royal crown tattoo.

Foot Crown Tattoos

Bird With Crown Tattoo Meaning

Most often crown tattoos are combined with other objects that represent wealth. In this piece, numerous diamonds of different sizes are gushing around the crown. Royal crowns are usually embellished with crystals, diamonds, and gemstones. Whenever you feel despair, just look down at your crown!

Awesome Crown Tattoo

5 Point Crown Tattoo Meaning

A colorful crown tattoo placed on the upper back of a lady.

Queen Crown Tattoos on Shoulder

Black Crown Tattoo

Crown tattoos are very popular and impressive due to their appeal and deep meaning.

Cool Crown Tattoo Ideas

Cool Crown Tattoo Ideas

If you want to place your ink art in a spacious less visible area, then this is the right place.

Crown Back Tattoo Designs

Crown And Anchor Tattoo

Crown tattoos can look cool when incorporated into other designs.

Arm Crown Tattoos

Crown Couple Tattoo

Whether its small or large, crown tattoos can express your aspirations.

King Crown Tattoos

Arm King Crown Tattoos

Crown Electric Tattoo

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King Crown tattoos represent dominance, self-reliance, and good luck.

Male Crown Tattoos

Crown Finger Tattoo

Feeling like a king? Then, you should get crown tattoos.

Photorealistic King Crown Tattoos

Crown Of Thorns Tattoo

Wearing the Crown of King George XII will make you feel more confident and invincible.

Crown Tattoo Colored

Crown Tattoo Colored

Crown tattoos are suitable for both men and women.

Vibrant Crown Tattoos for Men

Crown King Tattoo

Crown tattoos are commonly associated with royalty.

Best Crown Tattoo Design

Crown Tattoo Design

This wearer believes that there is no greater king than God.

Crown Tattoos For Guys

Crown Tattoo Design On Wrist

This gorgeous crown tattoo is meticulously done in black and gray.

5 Point Crown Tattoo Meaning

Crown Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

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The 5 point crown tattoo represents adventure and enthusiasm.

King And Queen Crown Tattoos

Wrist King And Queen Tattoo

Crown Queen Tattoo

Most couples are big fans of this tattoo.

Couples Crown Tattoos

Crown Skull Tattoo

Crowns represent royalty and grandeur while for couples they are the emblem of undying love and faithfulness.

Matching Crown Tattoos

Crown Tattoo

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King and queen crown tattoos are inspiring and motivational.

Attractive King And Queen Crown Tattoo Design

Crown Tattoo Above Eyebrow Meaning

Couples usually place their crown tattoos in highly visible areas.

Princess Crown Tattoos

Simple Princess Crown Tattoo

Crown Tattoo Designs Chest

If you are one of those women who want to rule your world, then a princess crown tattoo is an excellent choice.

Sweet Princess Crown Tattoo

Crown Tattoo Designs For Girl

This princess crown tattoo is the best crown tattoo for women.

Princess Crown Tattoo with Name

Crown Tattoo Designs For Guys

Crown tattoos have a large number of variations.

Princess Crown Tattoo With Gems

Crown Tattoo Designs For Ladies

A princess crown tattoo is composed of a metal headgear decorated with precious gemstones.

More Crown Tattoo Ideas

Shoulder Crown Tattoo

Crown Tattoo Designs On Hand

This is a good example of a larger crown tattoo. A vivid and colorful emblem of love, affluence, and royalty. The large crown is combined with a shimmering diamond and red roses. The crown was done in a simple manner.

Lion King

Crown Tattoo Designs Tumblr

This tattoo looks so realistic! Crown tattoos are often combined with lion to represent the Leo Zodiac sign. A lion is considered as the king of the jungle. This fierce creature is an emblem of strength, power, and loyalty.

Crown Tattoo For Girl

Crown Tattoo For Girl

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Some girls want to keep it simple.

Crown Tattoo With Diamond

Crown Tattoo For Man

If you want to make a statement then opt for a crown tattoo with a diamond.

Wolf With Crown Tattoo

Crown Tattoo For Men

Wolf tattoos are mostly chosen by strong individuals.

Heart With Crown Tattoo

Crown Tattoo For Women

This heart with crown tattoo serves as a cover, and whatever it covers it looks amazing.

Dad Crown Tattoo

Crown Tattoo Ideas

Our dads will always be our kings and this is the perfect representation of it.

Crown With Cross Tattoos

Crown Tattoo Ideas Tumblr

This tattoo is often chosen by women who are a bit religious.

Foot Crown Tattoo

Crown Tattoo On Foot

You can add different types of embellishments to your crown tattoo.

Popular Crown Tattoo Placement Ideas

Crown Tattoos on Finger

Ring Finger Crown Tattoo

Crown Tattoo On Wrist

Looks better than having a diamond. Does her prince have a matching crown tattoo? It is simple yet delicate, a royal gem for everyone.

A Royal Couple

Crown Tattoo In Neck

What could be more sweet and perfect than having these crown tattoos? The guy is wearing a queen crown tattoo while the lady is wearing a king crown tattoo. Crown tattoos are precious, that’s why they are perfect for couples.

Rosary Cross And Crown Tattoo On Finger

Crown Tattoo In Chest

When a rosary tattoo is placed on the ring finger, it signifies that you are committed to your faith.

Crown Finger Tattoos

Crown Tattoo In Colour

Lovers tend to express their love for each other by wearing crown tattoos.

Crown Tattoos On Finger

Crown Tattoo In Finger

These tattoos express their confirmation of true love.

Crown Finger Tattoo

Crown Tattoo In Hand

Crown tattoos are a nice adornment on your fingers.

Cute Tiny Crown Finger Tattoo

Crown Tattoo Male

Get a crown finger tattoo now and step out in style.

Crown Finger Tattoo for Women

Crown Tattoo Meaning

If you’ve been thinking of getting a tiny tattoo, then a delicate crown finger tattoo could be just for you.

Crown Tattoos on Hand

Couples Crown Tattoos

Crown Tattoo Meaning For Guys

These matching crown tattoos with inscriptions depict an unbreakable bond between these lovers.

Crown Hand Tattoo For Men

Crown Tattoo Meaning Gang

This crown tattoo design fits perfectly on top of the wearer’s hand.

Small Crown Tattoos on Hand

Crown Tattoo Meaning On Finger

Crowns hand tattoos serve as a confidence booster, especially during those days when you are feeling down.

Smiling Skull And Crown Tattoos On Hands

Crown Tattoo Meaning Pimp

Is this design a bit scary? What do you think?

Crown Hand Tattoos

Crown Tattoo Meaning Prison

No pain no gain is one of best fitness motivational quotes.

Colorful Crown Tattoos For Men

Crown Tattoo Meaning Russian

In ancient times, crowns are considered as a sign of divinity.

Matching Crown Tattoos For Lovers

Crown Tattoo Meaning Yahoo

When you are in love, the best way of showing your devotion to each other is by getting crown tattoos together. Show the world that no matter what happens in this life, you will remain stronger.

Left Hand Crown Tattoos

Crown Tattoo On Ankle

Generally, crown tattoos signify the desire for power.

Crown Tattoo on Chest

Mens Imperial Crown Tattoos

Crown Tattoo On Arm

Crown tattoos are commonly chosen by confident and strong-willed persons.

Old School Crown Tattoos

Crown Tattoo On Back

This massive crown tattoo symbolizes endurance, leadership, honesty, and superior intuition.

Elegant Crown Tattoos

Crown Tattoo On Chest

This golden crown tattoo is spread all over the chest of the wearer. It incorporates two red roses and sharp-tipped white wings.

Crown Chest Tattoo for Men

Crown Tattoo On Face Meaning

This crown tattoo has a religious meaning since it includes a crucifix. It seems that the crown has light rays, which signifies that it is a symbol of hope.

Family Crown Tattoos

Crown Tattoo On Finger

Crown tattoos can be combined with a lettering. You can choose to put your name, the name of your loved ones, or perhaps a famous quote.

Crown with Heart Tattoo

Crown Tattoo On Finger Meaning

Originally Posted on Pinterest

Perhaps this tattoo is associated with love since it includes a heart. It depicts that love can conquer all.

Symbolic Crown Tattoos

Crown Tattoo On Forehead

Generally, crown tattoos are very symbolic. It can mean different things to different people.

Justin Bieber Crown Tattoo

Crown Tattoo On Forehead Meaning

In August 2012, Justin inked a small crown on his chest. A lot of people believed that it was a tribute to the late Michael Jackson.

Crown Tattoo Behind the Ear

Simple Crown Tattoos

Crown Tattoo On Hand

The crown is hidden behind the ear. This tattoo has a unique placement and an interesting design. Regardless if it does not have gems and colors, it still stands out!

Tiny Sable Crown Tattoos

Crown Tattoo On Hand Meaning

This diminutive black-inked crown tattoo is done in a minimalistic style.

Behind The Ear Tattoo

Crown Tattoo On Neck

If you want to make a statement, but do not want to make too much impact, then behind the ear tattoo is the best choice.

Crown Behind The Ear Tattoo

Crown Tattoo On Ring Finger Meaning

Placing a tattoo behind the ear does not only look awesome and magnificent, yet it gives you the chance to show off your fabulous body art while still remaining discreet.

Crown Tattoos with Initial

Crown Tattoo On Shoulder

Originally Posted on Pinterest

Do you have someone special in your life? Perhaps, it’s your partner in life, best friend, or family member. If so, then you should consider having crown tattoos with initial.

Crown Tattoos Small

Crown Tattoo On Wrist

Do you want to feel like a Queen for the rest of your life? If so, then you should get crown tattoos. This stunning body art can make you feel like a royalty.

Lovely Crown Tattoo Ideas

Crown Tattoo On Wrist Meaning

When it comes to finding the best behind the ear tattoo, the choices are endless.

Small Crown Tattoo Behind The Ear

Crown Tattoo Shop

Crown tattoos can either be massive, covering the whole back area, or small, just a mark behind the ear.

Crown Tattoo on Neck

Adorable Crown Neck Tattoo

Crown Tattoo Small

Crown tattoos can bear a lot of meanings, however, the most obvious meaning is royalty.

Crown Tattoos On Front Neck

Crown Tattoo Watercolor

This tattoo most likely represents the wearer’s commitment to his mate.

Royal Crown Tattoos With Rosy Lips

Crown Tattoo With Color

Crown tattoos show that you are in charge of your own life.

Crown Cake Tattoo on Neck

Crown Tattoo With Diamonds

This tattoo idea has an interesting style.

Crown Back Tattoo for Men

Crown Tattoo With Flowers

A number of men are getting crown tattoos because they can look really cool and innovative with it.

Royal King Tattoo Designs

Crown Tattoo With Initials

Crown tattoos are versatile. In fact, you can ink them alone or combined with other elements.

Bird In Crown Tattoo

Crown Tattoo With Name

In choosing a particular crown design, just let your imagination run wild.

Skull With Crown Tattoos

Crown Tattoo With Roman Numerals

This crown and skull tattoo signifies good luck.  These types of tattoos are perfect for gamblers.

Crown Tattoos on Wrist

Beautiful Crown Tattoo with Ribbon

Heart With Crown Tattoo Meaning

A feminine and intricate crown tattoo. The ribbon flows gently through the crown tattoo.

Stunning Crown Tattoos On Wrist

Crown Tattoo With Roses

If you have a domineering nature, then you should get yourself inked with this impressive crown tattoo.

Black Crown Tattoo On Wrist

Crown Tattoo With Wings Meaning

Crown tattoos show dominance.

King And Queen Crown Tattoos On Wrist

Crown With Wings Tattoo Meaning

Crown tattoos are perfect if you feel that you are the ruler of your life.

Cute Small Tattoo Designs

Diamond With Crown Tattoo Meaning

The best way to experiment with a tattoo is to start with a small design.

Best Crown Tattoo on Wrist

Heart With Wings And Crown Tattoo Meaning

Frequently, small tattoos are inked on ankles, neck, and wrists.

Imperial Crown Tattoos

Imperial Crown Tattoo Meaning

The crowns of the English monarchy are perhaps the most popular and commonly imitated due to their level of detail.

King and Queen Tattoos for Couples

Justin Bieber Crown Tattoo

During the early days, tattoos are only done in black ink. These days, you can choose any color that you want. These tattoos are a good example of how stunning colorful tattoos are. They have a beautiful shading and a cartoon effect, making them look playful.


If you want to get a crown tattoo, then search thoroughly for the most amazing design. Before making a decision, you should think about it meticulously. Keep in mind that your design must incorporate with your individuality. Crown tattoos can be done in a simple way or in an intricate way by adding some embellishments. Some designs are styled in such a way that it can look more feminine or masculine.  Feminine crown tattoo designs are very popular. Most girls want to feel and look like a princess. Princess crown tattoos are usually done in pink color. Women also want to get a crown tattoo with gems, diamonds, and sparkles.

Crown tattoos can be illustrated in a lot of ways. It can be combined with diamonds, crystals, jewels, and other objects.  Small crown tattoos can be placed on the back of neck, wrists, ankles, finger, foot, or behind the ear. Sometimes, crown tattoos are done on a pair. Couples can design their own matching crown tattoos. A larger crown tattoo can be placed on the chest, shoulder, arm, leg, thigh, and other spacious parts of the body. More and more women are now getting crown tattoos ever since popular blogger Constance Hall started the trend on social media.