Hair Sponge for Curls and Dreads

You have to consider the frizz factor, the texture of your hair, and the length that you are working with.

Creating perfectly coiled hair is not an easy task. You have to consider the frizz factor, the texture of your hair, and the length that you are working with. For men, kinky curly haircuts are definitely in style but take a bit more effort than the average haircut.

While there are various methods out there that claim to create the perfect kinky curls, there are few that have the track record of the curl sponges on the market. While there are many to choose from, the curl sponge as a hair tool gives textured hair the perfect, neat, tightly coiled appearance without the frizz that can be difficult to achieve otherwise.

Curl Sponges Guide For Twists And Dreads Styles

Curl sponges are the ideal hair tool for men that aren’t used to incorporating extra hair accessories into their routine as it is incredibly simple to use and doesn’t take up too much time in the daily grooming process.

Sponge for Hair Reviews

1Nudred sponge

One of the most well-known sponges on the market today, the Nudred Sponge was one of the first brands on the market when it comes to curl sponges. It is a product that is specifically made for textured hair and encouraging the natural curl pattern of it. The original Red Nudred Sponge can be used to create curls for textured hair or to create and maintain started dreadlocks. The product is made from a durable, thick, and strong sponge material. The holes in the sponge are small to medium which is perfect for short to medium length hair. The figure 8 shape is great for control as you use it across your head. The Nudred Sponge is iconic in the textured hair care industry and amazing at creating the perfect curls for ethnic hair care.

Cherir Premium Hair Sponge

A high quality hair sponge that creates the ideal style for afro textured hair, the Cherir Premium Hair Sponge is made from supreme materials that sets it apart from other hair sponges on the market. It is made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate which can hold up against moisture, hair products, and frequent use. When it comes to curl sponges, the foam like material can wear down and start to fall apart. The material of this sponge stands up well. The 7 millimeter holes create neater, tightly coiled curls for a very defined look. It is a smaller sponge which is good for a person with smaller hands. It still is shaped in the figure 8 style which is great for added control.

Magic Sponge Hair Curler

A light sponge with medium sized holes, the Magic Barber Sponge is shaped and supposed to be created like the sponges that can be found in your local barber shop. It has medium to larger holes which creates a looser curl and textured look. If you are interested in turning your afro into a more textured style without creating very defined curls, this is the sponge for you. It is a simple product without too much when it comes to extra frills. It does the job and does it well. The only caution when it comes to this product is to keep in mind that it is not made from a material that is going to last for a very long time. If it is used on a consistent basis, it will have to be replaced sooner than other options on the market. If it’s used on occasion, to change up your style sometimes, it will have more longevity.

Afro Twister Hair Twist Sponge

The key to the perfect curling sponge is the material that it is made of. The Afro Twister is made from premium material that creates a long lasting tool that can withstand moisture, styling products, and frequent use. The premium material also lends to a better finish as it doesn’t cause friction that can lead to frizz. The 9 millimeter holes creates a chunkier curl and adds texture and thickness to longer hair. The figure 8 shape is perfect for grip as well as the opposing material at the top of the sponge. You can easily move it across your head without it slipping out of your hand. The Afro Twister can be used to start and maintain new dreadlocks or to create temporary kinky coily styles.

Magic Twist Sponge Brush

Creating the twists and coils that are defined and stylish for afro textured hair requires the right tools and the Magic Twist Brush fits the bill. It is a simple tool that is very simple to use. The 7 millimeter holes in the sponge allows you to create tight, neat coils that are evenly spread out across your head. It is great for those that want to start dreadlocks and have grown their hair out with that intention. It also works well if you would like a hairstyle that is temporary and well defined curls. The small, oval like shape makes it great if you are just starting out with using hair care tools and need to get used to holding a curling sponge and styling your hair. The top of the sponge is made from a firm foam like material which is different in texture from the soft texture of the sponge. This allows for an easier to hold on to grip.

Beauty7 Magic Barber Twist Sponge

You don’t have to go to your barber to get the textured, coiled look for your kinky curly hair. The Beauty7 Magic Barber Sponge is the on the go sponge that allows you to create the trendy look that you thought only your barber could create. The Beauty7 Magic Barber Sponge is a curling sponge that will give your hair that neat, defined look that you want. The sponge is made out of durable foam like material that will last through the styles and frequent use. The top portion of the sponge is made from a different material which makes it easier to grip when creating the style. The smaller holes are great if you want a very defined, coiled look and if your hair is on the shorter end. The smaller hole can grab onto the hair easily to create the curls.

RioRand Magic Twist Hair Sponge

Some days you want your hair to be coiled tightly and neatly and other days you may want a curl that is more loose and natural looking. The RioRand Magic Twist Hair Sponge is the tool that will give you the kind of curl you want as your mood changes. The 2 in 1 sponge has smaller holes on one side and pyramid shapes on the other side. The holes allows you to create tight, small curls for a neat and uniform style. The other side, with the pyramids, allows you to create texture and a natural look that has looser curls. You can even use both sides of the RioRand Magic Twist to create a layered style with different sized curls and textures. The sponge is made of a long lasting foam, sponge like material that will withstand frequent use. The RioRand allows you to create that fresh barbershop style right at home.

How to twist your hair with a hair sponge (and what not to do)

Twisting your hair with a curl sponge is quite simple and doesn’t take a high level of hair styling expertise. The simplicity of it makes it a good hair tool option for men that want to achieve that kinky curly look without the agony of finding the right method to do so. Here a quick, step by step guide to using a curl sponge:

  • To start, If your hair is not freshly washed and still wet, use a water bottle to spray your hair to make the styling process easier.
  • Before detangling or styling, add a quarter sized (depending on the length of your hair) or moisturizer like an oil or hair butter.
  • Using a wide toothed comb, detangle your hair
  • Before using the curl sponge, and a holding hair product like a pomade or hold spray. This will help your curls stay in place and cut down frizz.
  • Move the curling sponge over your head in a circular motion briskly. The circular motion and quick movements will encourage the desired curl pattern.
  • Continue this motion until you’ve reached your desired look. Spray the hair with a hold spray to reinforce the style if necessary.

When you are using the curling sponge avoid:

  • Lifting the curl sponge repeatedly. This will ruin the curl flow and cause frizz.
  • Using the curl sponge on dry hair. Curls are easier to encourage when your hair is damp, but not soaking wet or dry.
  • Skipping the moisturizer. Again, kinky curly hair types need all of the moisture possible.
  • Also, moisturizers give the hair a natural shine that eliminates a dry and dull appearance.
  • Skipping a holding product. Don’t skip out on a pomade or hold spray to make sure your curls hold up throughout the day.

Tips and Ways to Choose the Best Curl Sponge

There are a few different types of curl sponges on the market and their differences will influence your choice when it comes time to purchase. While most of the hair sponges seem like they offer the same benefit for your hair, curl sponge brands vary in quality, style results, and durability. For example, you don’t want to purchase a curl sponge that is really made for men with shorter kinky hair when your hair is on the longer end because you will not get your desired look. To ensure that you are choosing the right curling sponge for your hair type and desired hair style, consider the following:

How to Twist Your Hair? First Choose Which Hairstyle you want

Before you purchase your curl sponge, consider the look that you are going for. Do you want a tight, neat curled look that is uniform? Or do you want your hair to have looser, varying coils that look more naturally formed? Or you may even want to just add some texture to your hair and not a specific curl pattern? The curl sponge is typically thought of as a tool that is used when creating tapered hair cuts with a short to medium length kinky curly hair on top. However, you can change up your hairstyle choice and a curl sponge can be a tool that makes the process easier. Aside from curls, you can choose to use the curl sponge to create starter or beginner dreadlocks as well. Determine the kind of look you are going for before you purchase a curl sponge to avoid be disappointed with the outcome because you chose the wrong sponge.

Hair Sponge Holes

Different curl sponges will have different sized holes in them. The holes or the texture of the sponge itself determines the outcome of the style. The standard sponge that you will find on the market without comparing it to others is likely going to have holes that are round and 7 millimeters. The larger options are going to have hole sizes of up to 16 millimeters which is definitely going to give you a very different look than the 7 millimeter hole sponge. Once you determine the kind of style you want, match it up with the right sponge hole size.

Smaller holes- Sponges with smaller holes gives the hair a fuller, neater, more tightly coiled appearance. Good for shorter, cropped haircuts.

Larger holes- Sponges with larger holes create a looser and bigger curl pattern. The curls can still look uniform but it is more ideal for longer hair.

Pyramid shapes- Some curl sponges have pyramid shapes as oppose to holes. This type of sponge is going to give the hair a natural, non-uniform look. It will be less curled but more textured than the original look.

Hair Sponge Durability

Anytime you purchase a hair tool, you want to choose a product that is going to last over time. When it comes to curl sponges, you definitely want to make sure you are choosing a product that is going to last as it will need to withstand getting wet, product build up, and styling daily. When you are looking at reviews online or shopping for curl sponges in person, take a look at the texture and weight. If the sponge is too soft, like the kind you would use to wash your dishes to avoid scratching the surfaces, then it’s not likely to be the right sponge for your hair. The sponge is not likely to create the kind of curls you want. Also, the sponge can start to fall apart and leave little pieces in your hair. Check out the thickness and firmness of the sponge before you purchase.

Shape of the curl sponge:

When you are styling your hair using any type of tool, you want to make sure that you have control over the tool so that you can create the style that you want. A curl sponge is no exception. You want to make sure that you choose the kind of sponge that is the right size for your hand so that you have the ultimate control as you move it across your head. If you have bigger hands, purchase a sponge that is in the shape of a figure 8 as your hand can grip it better. For smaller hands, purchase a sponge that is more of an oval shape so that you can control where it goes. Some curl sponges have grooves where the fingers can fit comfortably to ensure the right grip. Take a look at a few different options, hold them in your hand, and determine which shape and size is right for you.

Extra Grip Material of the twist sponge

Curl sponges come in various sizes and styles. They have different sized holes and are made of different kinds of materials. Some curling sponges come with an extra layer of material that is thicker and firmer, differing from from the actual sponge itself. The added layer of material aids in creating an easier for you when using the sponge. It helps your hand hold onto the sponge and prevents it from slipping out of your hands as that will likely disrupt the flow of your style.

Omarion sponge curls

Omarion has a quintessentially classic haircut here with the faded tapered cut and loosely formed curls at the top. To create this style, a pyramid-shaped curl sponge or a curl sponge with larger holes as the style is more textured than it is curled.

Odell Beckham Jr. sponge hair

The football star Odell Beckham Jr. has his own iconic style that he is well known for and that is the kinky, curly faux hawk. Since his hair is a bit longer, a curl sponge with smaller holes would be perfect on the very ends of the hair to create a style similar to this one.

Quan sponge twist hair

Quan haircut
Quan, a well known rapper in the music industry, has a style that is not often thought of when the curl sponge comes to mind. However, Quan is rocking an afro that is a less defined but still textured. The curl sponge with the pyramid shapes on it can help create this textured look.

JR Smith sponge curls

JR Smith faux hawk sponge curls
JR Smith has had several different haircuts and style but one of the more memorable ones is his faux hawk. The shaved sides and the textured middle is a trendy, fun style that can be achieved with a curl sponge with smaller holes as the curls are more defined.

DeAndre Jordan sponge hair style

Usually, when people think of a curl sponge, they associate it with shorter hair. DeAndre Jordan’s long afro is the perfect example of how the curl sponge can either add definition or texture.

Jahlil Okafor sponge twists

Jahlil Okafor sponge hair
Somewhere between dreadlocks and coils, Jahlil Okafor’s hair is unique. It’s on the longer end which means the curl sponge can be used to add more texture or more defined curls.

Chris Brown sponge hair style

chris brown sponge haircut
A looser curl also can benefit from curl sponge as shown here with Chris Brown. His finer, bigger curls can be styled perfectly with a curl sponge that has bigger holes of pyramid shapes.

Will Smith sponge curls

Will Smith is an actor that only gets better looking with time and his style is ageless. When his hair was cut in this style, his short strands can be encouraged to curl with a curl sponge that has smaller holes as his hair is on the shorter end.

John Legend sponge twists

John Legend haicut
John Legend has had the same hairstyle for much of his musical career with the only deviation being in the length. Here, the soulful singer has a shorter cut with defined coils throughout.

Usher sponge hair style

Usher haircuts sponge curls
Usher has been in the music industry since he was a young man and his hair has changed over the last couple of decades as his career has progressed. The tapered faux hawk with defined coils definitely benefited from a smaller curl sponge.

The Weekend sponge curls style

The Weekend used to be known for his long and wild dreadlocks that he wore at the top of his head like a crown. Since cutting them, he’s gone with a simpler trim that is lightly textured.

Iman Shumpert sponge twists

Iman Shumpert sponge hair
Father, husband, and great basketball player are just a few things that Iman Shumpert can refer to himself as. When it comes to his gravity-defying hair, he can credit that natural style to a great barber and the right curl sponge styling tool.

James Harden sponge hair

James Harden Faux hawk
Faux hawks, like the one James Harden is rocking, are still in style and can definitely benefit from the curl sponge. Since his faux hawk is on the shorter end, a sponge with smaller holes is perfect for definition.

Nick Young sponge hair

Nick Young sponge hair
Nick Young is known for his gorgeous head of hair almost as much as he is known for his skills on the basketball court. When your hair is on the thicker and longer side, a curl sponge with larger holes is the perfect tool for definition.

Wiz Khalifa sponge curls

Wiz Khalifa hair sponge
The curl sponge isn’t just to create the perfect curl for afro or longer hair. Like the rapper Wiz Khalifa, the curl sponge is also great for maintaining and creating new dreadlock hairstyles.