How To Look Good In Jeans

We understand how much you love your most favourite pair of jeans.

We understand how much you love your most favourite pair of jeans. Whether you are partying with your besties or winding up the week at work on a Friday, it’s your comfort zone in the middle of all the juggling you do on a daily basis. But you surely want more variety in your denim wardrobe and can’t go around in a worn-out look forever. How about buying a brand new pair? Are you already cribbing that you do not find the fit that you desire the most? Then, let’s help you figure out! Here are some cardinal points to remember when trying on jeans!

1. The Right Cut & Shade

The silhouette and colour of jeans has a very important role to play in the overall look.
1. The Right Cut & Shade

  • Skinny Fit: For those of you who have a lean bottom, skinny-fit jeans are a great option. Nevertheless, it is not like the curvier women should avoid them. You can enjoy wearing skinny jeans if you know how to style them well. Check out stretchable ones so you have more breathing space. The skinny style is the best option to go with your boots.
  • Stretchable Options: If you are someone who feels uncomfortable in skin tight outfits, stretchable is the best option. Spandex or Lycra could be a good choice, depending on your comfort levels.

Bootcut Look

  • Bootcut Look: This is one style that suits most body types. These jeans are fitted at the thighs, are tighter at the knees, and flare at the bottom. You can up your style statement in bootcut jeans by tucking in a chic blouse and wearing a fancy belt.
  • The Right Rise: A lot of women choose a low-rise or high-rise cut only because it is in or out of fashion. Instead, go by your body type! This will help the jeans fit comfortably on you. For instance, low-rise jeans cause pressure on the belly. You don’t want to wear it when the belly fat is oozing out because of pressure. Likewise, high-rise style focuses more on the mid-section.
  • Fading Style: Do not go for very drastic kinds of fades because they change rapidly with trends. If you choose a light fade on the legs, they will make your legs look leaner. Avoid fades on thighs or behind. It will only highlight your problem zones.

Size Matters

  • Size Matters: We all know very well that the fashion industry is yet to arrive at standard sizes. If 32 inches waist of one brand fits you, it may not be the same with another brand. Always try out different sizes before buying one.

2. Enhance Your Figure

Let your natural contours guide the style of your jeans.

  • Pockets: One key rule to fashion is whatever you wear should enhance your body type. For instance, pockets at the back help you look either slimmer or fuller. Big pockets can make your derriere look leaner. Embellished pockets, on the other hand, make them look larger.
  • Yoke And Inseam: Little details such as the length of the inseam (length from crotch to bottom) and the yoke at the butt also matter. If everything is fitting well and you still feel there is something wrong, chances are high that your inseam is not fitting well. Hence, have it altered by a good tailor. Straight and V-shaped yokes make your tush look flatter, whereas those arching upwards make them look bigger. Pick one for yourself according to your physique.


  • Heels: Whether you wear flared or cropped jeans, heels go well with different styles of denims. However, choose a more comfortable pair of stilettos so you don’t torture your feet.

3. Workouts To Fit In Better

When you work out, you are not only trying to fit into the jeans you bought but also investing time and effort in good health!

3. Workouts To Fit In Better

  • Squats: Doing squats help in toning your butt. Let’s get going: Stand with your feet apart (shoulder width). When you go down, take care that your thighs are at 90 degrees to the floor and your knees do not cross the toes. You can do your squats with dumbbells for better results.
  • Bottom Lifts: Lie down on your back with your palms facing down and knees bent. Now, lift your buttocks off the ground and tighten your core. At this point, raise your right leg straight with almost a 90-degree formation between your right leg and left thigh. This move will have your glutes tight and toned!


  • Lunges: This exercise is great for your core strength, thighs, and buttocks. Get started: With hands on hips for better balance, step ahead with your right leg and lower the body. Do this until the left knee is just a little above the ground. Take care that the right knee does not exceed the toes. You can do this exercise with dumbbells as well.

Instead of trying to fit your body into a pair of denims that have caught your fancy, pick and choose one that fits your body. So, go ahead and flaunt your jeans like never before!