How to Make Your Cheap Cloth Looks Super Expensive

Know the secret of looking expensive.

Who doesn’t want to look gorgeous and expensive? But the true fact is it is pricey to maintain all these. What if I say you that you can look like a girl boss even when you are broke? So if you want to know hot to make your cheap cloth looks super expensive keep reading.

Step 1: Start with the basics

Okay let’s start this journey together. First of all you must have some very normal basics which may cost you may be $7 to $10 max. Basics are the easier way to make some outfits look expensive. You must have at least 3 basic outfits such as black, nude and white. Now I will reveal in the next steps that how to turn into a fabulous outfit.

Step 2:  Fabulous fitting

Fitting is the most important thing about any outfit. If its fits good it will look good. So please be always concern about the fitting if you want to look outstanding.

Step 3: Pair with luxurious fabrics

Pair your basics with some luxurious fabrics like satin or silk. These always look so expensive but you can have them with a few more dollars. For an example a $20 satin coat will add some extra spice to anything basics.

Step 4: Splendid shoes:

You would definitely need some shoes to make any outfit look more attractive.  Cools shoes make anything look awesome. Wear some cool shoes with you basics and see the change.

Step 5: Accessory time:

The most simple and easy way to spice up any outfits is to accessories them. In just one minute it will make your outfit boring to incredible.

Step 6: Pair with something expensive:

Just pair with one of your most favorite pricy items and you will look expensive. A branded bag or shoes can make the whole outfit look stunning all by itself.

Step 7: Perfect make up

If you look good then anything will look good on you too. So take your time and do your makeup. Make yourself look expensive so that the whole environment will change around you.

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