How To Make A Personalized Diary: DIY Diary Ideas

She started to write diary because she needed a friend.



The word dairy brings out multiple thoughts in our mind, a record keeper, a memo logger, a journal and various other terms that fabricate an event or a moment immortal through words. A diary may have multiple official avails, but when a diary is for the benefit of a personal impulse nothing adds in the mystery of a self-made personalized diary.

Below we have noted the steps on How to make a personalized diary in an authentic and creative method to make an ideal and fascinating personalized diary. So here it is : DIY Diary Ideas


You need some common stationary like glue, sketch pens, measurement scale ruler, scissor, hard cardboard, scrap paper, tape (if required) and papers that you want inside the dairy. You can also go for color or printed watermark papers.


  • Measure the length and the breath of the paper sheets, so that you can get 2 hard cardboards in accordance with
  • Then cut the cardboard paper leaving 2 inches of the length and width of the pages measured.


  • Apply glue on the stranded scrap paper and place the paper sheets from their cornered end on it, then take the hard cardboard, one before the first sheet and second one after the last sheet.
  • Press the strand gently to the cardboards from both sides. If there is unevenness make the required adjustments while the glue is still wet.


  • Let your creative juices flow, design, draw, scribble, write and many such things. Let the sky be the limit to your imagination.
  • You can customize the cover as per your needs. You can even stick paper cuttings or photographs if you wish too


The most important part of a personalized diary is to fill it with memories and idea with words.

Hope you got your personalize diary right and are happy with it, you can even try a leather cover instead of a cardboard if you wish too. Now go write away!

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