A Season Wish-List for Your Wardrobe

Learn some trick and tips how to do a season wise list for your wardrobe


The rains are here finally. With the beautiful showering sky and the mild sunny days, we just can’t get enough of the climate. We all love the season but it brings a lot of challenges with it. These problems don’t limit us to just an umbrella or carrying an extra pair of clothes but many more things that we often seem to neglect.

This is an unavoidable thing we face every rainy season and it is a bummer sometimes that we don’t get to enjoy the season instead we obsess about how it is going to ruin our clothes and how we can’t go outside or do anything with the sky pouring over us.

Since we need the rain and kind of love it, we need not curse it to go away. Below is a Season Wish-List for your wardrobe.

Color dresses– Yeah you heard us right. Bold color is in for the season as the sky is usually going to be covered with clouds and the color would be very dull. We don’t need to dull the climate more with boring colors. Brighten up your wardrobe with colorful dresses and other clothing to look all good this season. Another plus of wearing dresses is that you can be safe from splatter and show off your funky shoes.

Waterproof Accessories– A water resistance watch is an essential to avoid getting late to those meetings and still look stylish.

Shoes– Well this is a must have for rainy season as they can be a big help. You can go for jelly shoes with heels or flats to rule out the boring crocs.

Raincoat and a Collapsible umbrella– Well this is an essential rather than a wish list item, but raincoats can give you complete protection and if you don’t like them you can always opt for an umbrella.

I hope this helps you complete your wish list of the season and enjoy the rains.

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