How to Avoid Mistakes While on a Shopping Spree

Going on a shopping spree nowadays is like being on the Sex and the City show, we except to much from our retreats and that okay.


Be it any season, event or occasion, nowadays we try to be up-to-date on our wardrobe and bring something new to the floor each time. And why not, we all want to look well-dressed and beautiful. Going on a shopping spree nowadays is like being on the Sex and the City show, we except to much from our retreats and that okay. But one has to pre-plan every single piece of the item they invest on to avoid any regrets later.

So we are going to help you with some amazing tips on how to avoid mistakes while on a shopping spree.


  1. Wardrobe check

Always check your wardrobe once before making a list of the items you would want to add on to your collection. We understand you like buying a cute dress even though you won’t wear and you want it just make your wardrobe look nice, uh huh! Don’t do that. Your hard earned money should be invested it good deals.

  1. Budget planning

Just like deciding on what to buy and what not to buy, this is an important one on how much to spend on what item. At times we spend too much on one item just because we have a love at first sight thing going on with it. Seriously “You got to stick to your wallet”

  1. Buying stuff that won’t suit you

Trails rooms are there for a reason check out if the dress you like so much matches your body type and fits you perfectly. Comfort is a very important factor, those time are long gone where you have to put on something you aren’t comfortable into just to look good.  Avoid anything that would save you a wardrobe malfunctioning later, none of us wish to be a victim of that “oops” moment.

  1. Dressing up for the hustle:

Many times men and women go out in layers or extra accessories on them to flaunt around while out for shopping. “Why?” Just keep it nice, simple and comfy. You will save a ton of time for yourself and the ones waiting outside your trial room.

  1. A salesman knows NO, he doesn’t!

A salesman is not your friend remembers this, he is there for a reason and he doesn’t care what he sticks you with. So stick to your instincts and shop according to your choices.

  1. Compare prices

I don’t you need to be reminded on this; we women are blessed with the bargaining gene in our body. But always remember don’t leave a good deal for just to save a few bucks.

  1. Time

Always and always plan your shopping, nothing good is ever achieved in a hurry that implies on shopping too.

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