Life hacks habits for a clean room

Clean room is the first priority to have a peaceful environment at home. Here we will discuss very simple no efforts life hacks to make your home nice and clean. So lets go, learn the habits for a clean room.

Make the bed: It is the most basic rule to have a clean room. No matter how it takes, you need to make the bed first. If the rest of the room is clean and tidy except the bed, it doesn’t make any sense. So you see, how much important this steps is.

Sleep with an extra blanket: Making the bed is tiring sometimes. To make it less hard you can use an extra blanket to sleep. This way your bed will be neat and clean as you just need to make the blanket only.

Laundry basket: Always keep a laundry basket for your dirty cloths. Try to keep that basket in a place where it not shows that much.

Clean while getting ready: The great mess happens while we are getting ready. Try to clean as much as possible while getting ready.

Empty cup in the dressing table: If you keep an empty cup in the dressing table, you can use it to keep your used brushes. This ways they are not running over your table and give it a tidy clean look.

Having less items on counter top: Having less items mean, you have less items to clean. Try to have minimum items so it doesn’t look crowed and takes lots of time to clean.

Get your partner a messy zone: What to do when your partner is the messy one? Well, we do have solution for that. Give them a messy zone. Tell them they can do whatever they want but in the messy zone only. For example, give him a corner to sit or a big almirah to put his messy cloths.

Clean while cook: If you make a habit to clean while cooking, it will save your time. You can use the mean time when something needs to boil or cook. Just clean the counter desk, throw away trash.

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