5 Important Signs Your Body Is Crying For Help

Internal Bodily Health - The Key to Healthy You!

You might have heard that your body is kind of machine, needs to be repaired and all that. Well, the fact is damn true as your body is indeed a machine and it is up to us, how we treat it and keep it healthy. Your body has the language if you are able to listen to it.

If you are listening, your body will do tell you what’s going wrong with it. Here are some signs that your body cries for and that you need to listen!


#1: Insomnia, Irritability and Leg Cramps:

5 Important Signs Your Body Is Crying For Help

There are some days you might feel insomnia at night, irritability without any obvious reason and leg cramps even while you are relaxing. If your body signals these signs, it is the indication that your body needs magnesium and potassium. In order to get these salts, you need to add a variety of vegetables including tomatoes, potatoes, spinach etc. in your diet.

#2: Oral Bleeding:

5 Important Signs Your Body Is Crying For Help

Sudden bleeding of the gums can be an indication that you are not just taking care of your Vitamin C intake. Vitamin C is one of the most important essential vitamins needed for proper functioning of the body. So, if you have sudden oral bleeding without any apparent reason, you might be running a deficit on this Vitamin. Include citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, bell peppers and tomatoes in your diet to compensate the deficiency.

#3: Craving for Sugar:

5 Important Signs Your Body Is Crying For Help

If you suddenly feel the strong desire to have some sugary delight, chances are that you are stressed and depressed. Your body is asking for glucose and to oblige it without gaining weight, you need to have some dark chocolate or honey when craved.

#4: Dry Skin:

5 Important Signs Your Body Is Crying For Help

Dryness of the skin signifies the Vitamin E deficiency, that is an important antioxidant to scavenge free radicals present in our body. In order to come over with the deficiency, you should increase the intake of oil, nuts, fish, and vegetables.

#5: Brittle Nails and Coiled Hair:

5 Important Signs Your Body Is Crying For Help

Nails and hair of your own is the great indicator of your bodily health. When they are rough in their condition, this means, your body is screaming for help. Low vitamins and proteins can cause the abnormal appearance of your hair and nails. Try getting protein and vegetables as much as you can.

If these signs left untreated, your body would be in serious damage. Assess your body and thank me later!