The Best Party Make-up Palettes

The Best Party Make-up Palettes

With the festivities, the glamour and the cheers of the fast approaching festive season, we are here to reveal the must-have the must-give for a Christmas present, the best party makeup palettes out there!

These best party makeup palettes to fulfil all of your myriad of makeup needs in just one go.



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These shades form Dior Couture Color Wardrobe are universally flattering and they will take you all the way into next season as well. Maybe even the entire year. It provides the ultimate Christmas look with the shimmering nudes it comes with the smoky brown and incredible three day-to-night hues.



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The new Palette Essentielle from Chanel is exactly what its name depicts; essential and timely. A light yet buildable concealer, an ultra-fine highlighter plus a creamy lip and cheek color supplies everything for a gorgeous and glowing look.


Charlotte Tilbury

As the ultimate specialist in glitziness and glamour, it’s barely surprising that Charlotte Tilbury and her Instant Look In A Palette guarantees everything that is needed for party-perfect make-up; three eyeshadows (hello, smoky eye), two cheek powders (contour, obviously) a bronzer and a highlighter.


Bobbi Brown

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Featuring the ultimate array of stunning burgundies, the opulent golds and the bronzes and a ultra-rich regal blue to walk you through all the types of festivities. We love the elegant blend of colors. They really speak for the festive season don’t you think


YSL Beauty

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Not only is YSL’s Dazzling Lights Edition Makeup Palette gorgeous enough to be a clutch bag in itself, it also holds every possible make-up essential within, with four eyeshadows, blush, highlighter and even lipstick complete with three mini brushes to boot. If you knew any better, there is nothing more a serious makeup lover would love to have for Christmas as a gift!