Tinted Sunglasses; how to wear tinted sunglasses this autumn

Just when we thought tinted sunglasses are going out of style this happens. Adwoa Aboah and Irina Lakicevic aren’t abandoning their tinted specs post-summer, and neither should you. Ignore the persistent cloud cover; here are your six key street style references for tapping the look.

We saw how Kylie released her set of glasses and we fell in love with it too. And contradicting to the past we can see the tinted sunglasses moving toward the colorful tints rather than the good old, gold, pink and the purple tints.

Plus the tinted sunglasses come dual and triple tints. We love it because it is everything we wanted for autumn. We are so obsessed.

With Your Everyday Knit

tinted sunglasses2

Don’t forget to match it up with your everyday knit. By that we mean your sweaters. You can go ahead and take the chance to wear the dual and triple mix of colors in autumn because the sun is not that bright and the sunglasses would only add some kick to your autumn sweaters.

As Part Of A Full Matrix Vibe

tinted sunglasses2

Love the low-key Matrix vibe we could pull off. The baggy pants, a long-sleeved sweater with a abstract designed should definitely paired up with a tinted pair of sunglasses.

In Sync With Your Hair Color

tinted sunglasses2

Match up your tint with the color of your hair. Be it purple, pink or even (taking a step further) white. Go for a vibrant color that contrasts with the gloominess of the autumn and the upcoming winter.

With A Homespun Day Dress

tinted sunglasses2

How to add a little go to a homespun day dress in the autumn? Pair it up with tinted glasses that sync with your dress color. Go ahead with a dark tint we might even say. Because hey it is autumn and why bother protecting your eyes!