Halloween Costume Ideas; try out these right now!

What is possibly scarier than Halloween? Answer is running around and trying out the best (or worst) Halloween costume ideas. You want your Halloween costume to be confident in execution, flattering in style, able to amplify your fun, witty side in concept and take as little effort or cause as minimal stress as possible. Some might even think this is too much of a trouble to go through for a one-night-only outfit.

Elton John

halloween costume ideas

The music maestro is back on trend and his eccentric approach is perfect for making your own this Halloween. Big colourful glasses are the key, then ask Granny for the most eccentric Eighties-hang-around things she has in her wardrobe. Colour, glitter and musicality should be added in with abundance.

The Queen Of Hearts

halloween costume ideas

This is great if you are looking at a Dolce & Gabbana budget, this is your best bet. It’s elegant and easy. We love how it put the colors in Halloween.

An Eighties Supermodel

halloween costume ideas

Do pick a model to your liking. Confidence is the key. Get your glam on and your squad together to sass through the night of Halloween. Go for barely-there party dresses, or high-waisted jeans and a big, bouncy blow dry to probably end up have the most fun ever.

The Runway Bride

halloween costume ideas

The look might even share an aesthetic with Miss Havisham. But the costume is certainly not one to mope around with. Take an old wedding dress and get scissor happy. Creating this costume will be almost as fun as imagining your new persona’s back story.

The Horror Heroine

halloween costume ideas

Get yourself covered in rouge. It is time to pay homage to the leading ladies on the fright night. Silhouettes do go vintage while the beauty plays to your inner damsel in distress. Keep everything simple and unassuming before you start slashing throats and cutting the heads open with seriously incredible special effects. We say go with Carrie, Shelley Duvall or Rosemary Woodhouse.