How to take Care of Cashmere and the Best Cashmere Cardigans

How to take Care of Cashmere and the Best Cashmere Cardigans

Exclusively for the cash mere lovers!

Use the hand wash cycle on your washing machine to wash your cashmere. Lay the cloth out to dry flat on a towel.

If your washing machine does not have a hand wash or gentle cycle, button up your cashmere inside a pillow case and put it on a cold wash.

You should know that moths love cashmere. Especially any with moisture in the fibers. So to store it safely, make sure that they are totally dry.  Fold them up and store the cashmere in zip-lock bags. Because hangers will stretch the wool.

If you are looking for extra security, line the bags with anti-moth paper strips or anti-moth drawer liners.

All cash mere no matter how great the quality is or how expensive it was, is prone to pilling. Make sure you keep a comb on hand to deal with bobbles. Lay your sweater flat, gently pass the knitwear comb over the fibers and the pills will be picked up. Belinda Robertson makes the best combs (£5, Belinda Robertson).


Turtleneck sweater, £69.90 at Uniqlo.


We love the soft undertone of this jumper. So luxurious and cozy, it is another signature Uniqlo sweater we love wrapping ourselves in!

& Daughter

Cashmere crewneck, £295 at & Daughter.


We can’t stop imagining ourselves in this. & Daughter really made us fall in love with its color and the texture. We think you should try this if you are looking for a super swanky look in this weather!

Margaret Howell

Cashmere jumper, £345 at Margaret Howell.


We can’t get enough of this great color! This guarantees to bring some color to you this season.

Proenza Schouler

Cashmere sweater, £600 at


Love the color the feel and the front zipper opening! We can’t wait to try this out! So elegant and cozy!