8 Fashion Trends to Look Forward to in 2017

3. Sneakers
Your feet are about to have the best year of their life. Sneakers are the talk of fashionistas this year. So many companies stepped up their design game in 2016 and will be going strong all through 2017. Watch out world: we are on our way to a chic comfort!

Sneakers - Fashion Trends

4. Geometric designs
You and I both have at least one friend who got a geometric tattoo last year, am I right? Well, fashion is following this trend and is making it its own. Geometric and asymmetric prints and designs are crazy in this year! Make sure to pair it up with simple tops/bottoms in order to keep the focus on the pattern.

Geometric designs - Fashion Trends

5. Pink
Ladies! The time has come for our pink souls to rejoice. This magnificent color is all over the runways – we can’t get enough and we don’t want to. Incorporating pink in your jewelry or clothing will make your inner (and outer) fashionista pop! It is easy to overdo it with a bright color like pink so stay sane and balance your outfits out.

Pink - Fashion Trends