Weed Nails Are The Hottest New Controversial Manicure Taking Over The Beauty World

Pham’s art and unusual client inspiration was the beginning of weed art not just for her as a nail artist, but for nail artists all over, since people at her client’s convention were very impressed and captivated by the client’s unique nail art. A request for a single convention-specific manicure has spawned a polarizing trend all over the nail design world.

polarizing trend Weed Nails

Ultimately, this is nail art at it’s most elevated – *no pun intended*. Seriously though, a little pot and a little sparkle can make a big difference in the originality factor of your manicure .We’re sure that a lot of folks will be asking, and all of them will be wowed. If you’re not pro legalization, this nail art might change your mind and is a fun way to show it. And if you’re a ganja + glam loving babe, then we think we’ve found your next favorite beauty trend.

no pun intended Weed Nails

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