10 Elegant Toe Nail Designs for Spring and Summer

Now the weather is changing your fashion will too.

Spring has arrived, and summer is not far away. Now the weather is changing your fashion will too. Soon it will be time for shorts, dresses and flip flops. When wearing summery open toe shoes, you need to have beautiful toe nails. The design choices for your toes are endless. So, to give you some ideas we have found 21 elegant toe nail designs. We have floral nail art, nails with gems and more. Any of these will bring style and elegance to your spring/summer look.

1. Elegant Toe Nail Design with Gems

Our first pick are these light pink nails with a sparkly accent nail. Soft pink tones like the one used are perfect for the spring and summer. You can recreate this look with a pink polish or another color like white, light purple or orange. For the accent nail you can place your gems in any design you like but a line looks very stylish.

Elegant Toe Nail Design with Gems

Source: @mashapatrakova05

2. Shattered Glass Toe Nail Design

Next, we have a trendy nail idea called shattered mirror or shattered glass. You can create this stylish look with broken glass foils which you can buy online. There are so many colors you can experiment with. For a chic look, try the clear mirror foil with a light polish. There are also tutorials online to help you.

Shattered Glass Toe Nail Design

Source: @panibratova

3. Elegant, French Pedicure with Sparkle

A French pedicure is a classic design for your toe nails. It is chic and suits everyone. You can jazz up the look for spring and summer by adding gems. You can add as many gems as you like in any design. Simple and sparkly nails like these would be great for a special occasion, maybe even a wedding.

Elegant French Pedicure with Rhinestones

Source: @manikurka

4. Chic Pink Glitter Toe Nails

Pink is a must-have for the spring and summer so why not wear pink on your nails? Any pink looks great but choose a softer tone for an elegant look. You could even choose a shimmering pink like the one featured on these nails. Sparkly pink like this will suit everyone and you can also have a matching color on your fingernails too.

Simple, Pink Glitter Toe Nail Design

Source: @elena_romanova_nails_kzn

5. Matching Mani-Pedi Design

Speaking of matching your fingers and toes, here is a beautiful matching mani-pedi idea. The nails are a light color with gems. A mani-pedi like this would be amazing for the summer or a wedding or special occasion. You could also take inspiration from this and create your own design.

Elegant White Manicure and Pedicure

Source: @manikurka

6. Beautiful Floral Toe Nail Design

Floral patterns and prints always come back into the style spotlight during the spring and summer. You can create beautiful floral designs on your nails. These toes feature a floral nail with gems, sparkly nail and the rest are dark blue. You could recreate this look in with any color palette.

Beautiful Floral Toe Nail Design

Source: @cottonail

7. Vibrant Spring & Summer Pedicure

Another popular color for the spring and summer is coral. Our next nail idea shows how to wear coral on your toes with silver sparkle. You can wear just coral, but we think it looks super stylish with silver glitter. This pedicure will look cute with any of your summer shoes.

Elegant Spring and Summer Toe Nail Design

Source: @1timelesslove

8. Elegant, White Toe Nail Design with Gems

White is a staple color for the spring and summer. It is light, fresh and stylish. A great way to wear white is on your nails. You could try a white pedicure like this one. It is a simple look with a gem accent nail. We love the gems as they will sparkle in the sunshine.

White, Elegant Toe Nail Design with Rhinestones

Source: @manikurka

9. Green Toe Nails with Glitter

Vibrant colors become very popular at this time of year. A bold green like this would look amazing on your toes for the spring and summer. To glam it up you can even add a glitter accent nail like the idea featured. Any statement color would work with silver glitter so you could experiment with different polishes.

Vibrant Green Toe Nail Design with Glitter

Source: @cottonail

10. Pretty Pink Pedicure with Floral Accent Nail

Next, we have a pretty pink pedicure idea. The nails are painted in a bright pink with one accent nail. The accent nail is white with a pink flower design. You can recreate a similar look with a flower design of your choice. There are stamps and stencils available to buy if you want to create the look yourself at home.

Pink and White Floral Toe Nail Design

Source: @mashapatrakova05