Wedding Cake Trends: Beauty and Elegant Performance

An Elegant cake appearances will make your wedding impression be glamor, luxurious and extravagant by the guest.

Beauty decoration, lovely wedding dress, and elegant cake. All of this aspect you want to have on your particular day right. An Elegant cake appearances will make your wedding impression be glamor, luxurious and extravagant by the guest. Well, if you do not decide the model of the cake yet, we love to share the wedding cake model for you to consider. Not only make your wedding perfect, with elegant wedding cake, but your guest will also spoil by the beauty of the cake. So, let’s continue what kind of cake would be.

Wedding cake trends on 2017 & 2018

All of you want the best and the most beautiful wedding cake right. It’s not only could match with any decoration of your marriage, but will lighter in the side of appearance by the beauty of the cake. So, let’s see the best wedding cake for you choose on your particular day, everyone!

  1. Flower cake

Flowed wedding cake is the most popular wedding cake from past time. Flowe cake is not only decorated by traditional era; nowadays you could design the flower wedding cake in line with your flavor. The combination of the flowers and the greenery will make the wedding cake seems excellent and fresh. The floral aroma with makes your hall or auditorium comfortable.You could use all beautiful type of flower and color. And, this flower wedding cost available from the small until high cost.

  1. Ombre

Have you ever seen ombre wedding cake? If you never see it, and once you see it you will be fall in love with the ombre wedding cake outlook. The combination of the cake and the watercolor make this wedding cake more colorful. There are a lot of color in every shade of the cake. The most popular one is starting with soft colors such as peach, soft blue, soft purple until the dark such as gray, orange and another color.

  1. Monochromatic

This type of the wedding cake is unique. With the embroidered texture could make the cake chic. Although the cake seems simple, the cake gives some elegant impression. Usually, monochromatic wedding cake served with a big and dark large flower such as a large red rose.

  1. Whimsical

Well, this type of this cake is as usual as the other cake. But, there is a difference which is whimsical created for many tiers. You could add a lot of intricate decoration such as add some molded flower, teacup on the top of the cake and you can fill it with some fruits or flower. Well, you could uniquely serve this cake.

  1. Marble

If you one to pick the prettiest cake model for your wedding day, you should choose a marble wedding cake. The cake is classically excellent. The expert of the bakers is great because could be marbleized the outside of the cake. The cake outlook precious, unique and fantastic. Complete your wedding decoration with marble wedding cake is an excellent idea.

  1. Midnight blue navy

Midnight blue navy wedding cake will give you the biggest impression. This midnight blue navy such give you a picture how blue the night sky and how quite but could show you the beautiful shape of this image. It will be an excellent idea when you decide to choose this type of wedding to accompany you pure wedding day.

Well, how is it, guys? All of you could imagine all of this wedding cake in your mind right. You must be imagining the beauty and elegance of the cake. You do not have to be afraid that you will regret it later. Nyou will grateful indeed when you choose one of this recommendation. Have a lovely wedding cake, everyone!