Things Women Keep Doing On Dates Even Though Men Hate Them

We all know how much prepping goes into our looks and attitude before every single date we go on. Our minds are filled with questions we have no answers to.

We come up with ‘Dos and Don’ts’ and limit the way we talk, dress, and present ourselves. Millions of women go on dates every passing second yet we still make some simple mistakes that drive our men crazy. Is it something established in our heads over generations or is it in our genes by now? Who knows!

All we know is that we are here to help you out and to help you secure your second date.

Things Women Keep Doing On Dates Even Though Men Hate Them

1. Dressing up like you are about to meet the Queen
Come on, ladies. No one says you have to look sloppy or untidy. It is totally acceptable to wear something nice, simple, and most importantly true to who you are. You are about to open the doors to your inner world and invite this beautiful stranger in. Do you really want to think about how these new high heels are tearing your feet apart or how weird it is to wear a gown at a dinner? You can do better than that!

Dressing up like you are about to meet the Queen

2. Ordering no food
If he asked you out to dinner – order dinner! Men do not care if you eat all that burger AND fries while chugging that milkshake or even a brew. What they do care about is for you not to be starving 10 minutes after you ate that kale salad. We know you might think ordering something tiny will give you a ladylike look but no one likes growling stomach noises. He will respect you more if you order what you want and enjoy your meal.

Ordering no food Dates

3. Expecting your date to pay
You are a strong independent woman. You can pay for your meals. There is nothing worse than a girl who expects her date to just reach out for that check and take care of it. Going Dutch on a date is very common and shows that you are aware of your surroundings and your budget management skills. Now, if your date insists on paying – that is a whole other story. Be nice!

Expecting your date to pay Dates

4. Talking in details about your past relationships
We understand that your previous BF might have left you brokenhearted. That doesn’t mean that your potential new date needs to know about all your dirty laundry. Badmouthing your ex might lead your new date to think that in a few months/years/decades it could be him you’ll be talking about. Be respectful to all of your past experiences. They make you stronger.

Talking in details about your past relationships

5. Constantly looking at your phone
Your Instagram feed can live its own life for a few hours. Nothing makes a date feel unimportant than a girl who is constantly staring at the cold screen on her phone. It doesn’t matter if your friend got a new puppy or your roommate is having a party while you are out – focus on your date. You can check your social media accounts on your way back home.

Constantly looking at your phone

6. Talking only about yourself
We all know you are awesome. You have a great personality and you are fabulous. Talking about all of your accomplishments and conquests will excite your date but if you don’t know when to stop – this could be a huge problem. Ask questions, show your interest in him, get to know this person in front of you! And then you can show him how amazing you are.

Talking only about yourself

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