3 Things You Should Never Do To Your Hair

Avoid these mistakes to have healthy, shiny and smooth hair!

Being a well-groomed person means having a great skin, good hair and great upkeep of these two. But unfortunately, hair is the most ignored thing that can compromise your looks. Even when you are taking care of your hair, there are some basic hair care mistakes that you are committing to your daily routine.

Wondering which mistakes you are making? Here is the compilation of 3 things that you should avoid:


#1: Over Washing Your Hair:

3 Things You Should Never Do To Your Hair

Over washing your hair is the ugliest thing you do with your hair. The sebaceous glands present in our scalp produce the natural oils that are very essential for maintaining the health of your hair and scalp. Over washing might deprive your hair off the natural oils, making them dry, brittle and rough.

Recommended: Washing your hair thrice a week is enough to keep your hair clean and smooth.

#2: Sleeping on Any Old Pillow Case:

3 Things You Should Never Do To Your Hair

Your pillow case has the potential to make a huge impression. If you are not using the silk pillow case, chances are you might get these impressions on your face. And the old pillowcase draws the moisture from the locks, leaving them dry and fizzy.

Recommended: It is recommended to change the pillow case twice a week for your hair and scalp health.

#3: Towel Drying Hair Too Roughly:

3 Things You Should Never Do To Your Hair

Rough toweling the hair is another biggest mistake that you make with your hair. It is suggested that your hair is fragile, weaker, more susceptible to damage to breakage when wet. Towel creates the friction against your hair cuticle that scrubs off the conditioner and ca damage the strands.

Recommended: Gently press the water out to avoid any damage. Moreover, towel made of microfiber is recommended as it is smoother and won’t damage your hair.

These are the 3 common mistakes that you do to your hair regularly. Avoid them for your own good.