10 simple and easy habits that will make you a fashion diva

How they make it? How they always look altogether? With perfect makeup, stunning outfits, fashion sense, shocking shoes. Yes, we are talking about fashion diva who always look so awesome and fabulous. What if I tell you that you could be one of them following very simple tips?  So who want to be the next super star because here I am reveling all those 10 simple and easy habits that will make you a fashion diva. Keep on reading:

Right undergarments:

All your appearance stands on this basic thing, putting on right undergarments. If it looks good, doesn’t mean it goes well with anything. Learn what lingerie to wear under what.

Wear outfit according to weather:

Whenever you get ready, always keep on your mind how the weather going to be. As long as you are start doing it, you realize that you will save so much embarrassing moments.

Taking care what you already have:

It’s not about buying the expensive cloths all the time. If you take care of your cloths regularly, you will get the best service from it.

Anchoring your outfit:

Don’t expect everything from the cloths only. Spice up your outfit with some fashionable and trendy accessories.  Put on a hat or any luxury piece like branded handbag. This one piece will make all the difference.

Be a shoe smart:

If you want to be a fashionable girl, you must have to learn which shoes to wear where. Get more idea from pintarest or instagram.

Dress according to occasion:

Your outfit is best, but this doesn’t mean you can wear this in any occasion. You can never wear the dress in the pool party that you wear in your friend’s wedding.

Be a fashionista:

Be creative, look what going on the fashion trend. Then mix and match what suits you the best. If something hot trending but doesn’t go with you, never fall for it.

Plan your outfit:

It is a very good habit to plan your outfit in the night. In this way you can easily avoid the morning hassle.

Keeping stocks:

There are some things that you need regularly, keep them stocked. For example, white tops or nude shorts. Next time when you need new of them, you already have them in your wardrobe.

Get a healthy skin:

If you have a healthy skin, you do not need too much make up to cover your dull skin. Take care of your skin. Eat lots of fresh vegetable and fruits. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. You will see the results within a couple of weeks.