How to Wear Hair Extensions; 3 Step Guide

Ever wanted to wear hair extensions? Here is the ideal way to do it!

Ever gawked at your favourite celebrity’s Instagram account and think to yourself how their hair changes basically every day when you are struggling with your practically never-growing hair? The magic words are “hair extensions”!

Want to go slightly blond tomorrow? Or brunette? A short bob? A long luscious mane? The magic answer again is “hair extensions”.

Intrigued? We have summed up for you the holy bible of wearing hair extensions from how to wear and how to care!

How to Select Hair Extensions

Selecting the perfect extension

When purchasing hair extensions you might want to choose an extension which looks as close as to your hair colour. Also it is very important that you go shopping for hair extensions in the daytime so that you can really compare your hair with that of the extension in the natural light.

Ideally it is best to choose real human hair extensions since they will last longer and would not have that artificial shine the synthetic hair would have. However, there are branded and pricey synthetic hair out there in the market.

Take your new extensions to your hairstylist and ask them to cut it to match with your current hair length and the style. You can definitely colour your hair with the extension but sadly synthetic hair doesn’t dye.

Wearing Hair Extensions

How to Wear Hair Extensions
Before and After!

Take a brush and backcomb the roots sections of your hair that you are planning to clip the extensions into. Finish up with a light mist of hairspray. The textured hair will give the extensions a firm base to be clipped onto.

Clip the extension into your hair at a slightly uneven, slanted angle. If you clip them on straight it will be hard blend with you natural hair.

Once clipped in, brush your hair and even straighten with a hair straightener so that the natural hair looks compatible with the extensions.

How to Wear Hair Extensions
Gigi Hadid Wearing Killer Extensions

How to care

Always brush the extension s with a soft bristle brush and never brush them when they are wet.

Do not wash your hair more than 3 times a week and always use a sulfate shampoo to wash out any natural oils. But add 2-3 drops of coconut or almond oil to help boost the shine of your extensions.