10 Back of Thigh Tattoo Ideas for Women

Thigh tattoos have become a very popular choice for women.

Thigh tattoos have become a very popular choice for women. You can have tattoos on the front of the thigh, all the way around or just on the back. Back of thigh tattoos are super stylish, sexy and can be covered up or shown off. We love these tattoos and think you will too so, we have found 23 of the best designs. There is something to suit everyone, from bows to flowers.

Back of Thigh Tattoo with Bows and Roses

Our first thigh tattoo idea is this bows and roses design. Bows are a popular choice for thigh tattoos but the addition of the roses make them more unique. We love the delicate design of the bows. The overall looks is pretty and feminine. Tattoos like these will suit everyone.

Back of Thigh Tattoo with Bows and Roses

Source: @madam_ink

Ornamental Garter Tattoo

Next, we have a very sexy back of thigh tattoo idea. This design is an ornamental garter. It is tattooed all the way around the thigh from front to back. You can recreate a similar design or you can have more of a traditional garter or just choose a different pattern.

Ornamental Garter Tattoo Idea

Source: @goodtattooclub

Sun and Moon

The sun and the moon have inspired many tattoo designs and here is an awesome example. On the back of each thigh there is one sun and one moon. The design is delicate, pretty and has a stylish jewelry feature. Tattoos like this will suit anyone, you can also just choose one design instead of both.

Sun and Moon Back of Thigh Tattoo Idea

Source: @deadsetink

Colorful Butterfly Tattoo Design

Our next idea is a beautiful butterfly. The butterfly features bold patterns and colors but you can choose a more realistic design. If you want to make a statement, go for a large design like featured but for a more subtle look, you can have a smaller butterfly tattooed. We love butterfly tattoos because they represent freedom, transformation and faith.

Colorful Butterfly Back of Thigh Tattoo

Source: @ericajoan.artlife

Bold, From Thigh to Foot Tattoo

If you are looking for a large, statement piece then this next idea is for you. Here we have a tattoo that starts on the back of the thigh and ends at the back of the foot. The patterns used all the way down the leg look amazing. It is such a stylish, wow piece. You can take inspiration from this and create your own design with any patterns and shapes of your choice.

Bold, From Thigh to Foot Tattoo

Source: @anais_chabane

Traditional Swallow Thigh Tattoos

Tattoo techniques and designs have changed throughout the years. Our next tattoo is going back a little to create a traditional look. These thigh tattoos feature old school swallows. We love this idea because the traditional tattoos look so stylish. This is a cute design idea that will suit anyone.

Traditional Swallow Thigh Tattoos

Source: @theoriginalgoldtooth

Back of Thigh Crown Tattoo

Get a tattoo fit for a stylish Queen with this crown design idea. The back of the thigh has been tattooed with a very regal crown. You can have a similar design created or perhaps consider a smaller crown. Maybe you could even add some color.

Back of Thigh Crown Tattoo Idea

Source: @goodtattooclub

Witch Craft Back of Thigh Tattoo

Quotes and sayings are very popular, especially for thigh tattoos. This tattoo features the word witch on one thigh and craft on the other. It is a unique and awesome tattoo that would suit anyone. You can have any words or quotes designed.

Witch Craft Back of Thigh Tattoo

Source: @xxblackengelxx

Rose Thigh Tattoo

Next, we have a rose idea for your thigh.  Roses create very feminine tattoos so it is no surprise that these beautiful flowers are popular in tattoo designs. It is a very detailed and amazing piece. You can have a dark tattoo like this, or you can add some color.

Rose Back of Thigh Tattoo

Source: @sirtattooer

Watercolor Back of Thigh Tattoo

Next, we have a watercolor tattoo idea. The watercolor technique looks stunning in tattoos because it makes the design look like it was actually painted onto the skin. The colors and designs are beautiful. You can take inspiration from this and use the technique for any design you like.

Watercolor Back of Thigh Tattoo

Source: @vika_kiwitattoo