7 Things You Should Not Do on Facebook

Do you know these 8 things that you should not do on facebook ? Know them fast for your own security

Admit it guys that Facebook is the new drug of this ear. Now a days using Facebook is becoming a daily chores to us. Facebook is popular among almost every each group. As it becomes a part of our social life so some rules and regulation also comes to using this too. These things are very important to our safety. Keep reading to know that 7 Things You Should Not Do on Facebook

You’re personal Information:

Of course we need to fill up some information while opening an account but dont give too much information there. You should not put your personal information there. For an example, your phone number, email id, home and office address etc. If you really need to share this with someone then inbox them the information instead of posting everything on public.

Check in:

Yeah I know you some of us love to update everything on Facebook. Thats why we keep giving check in where we go and what you do and etc etc. But believe me guys these things creates disturbances to others. Also your security is in danger because anyone could know where are you now just seeing you Facebook posts.

Pictures of your children:

I guess you have already know why you should not post your children’s picture on Facebook. You dont want to put them in danger, right? So stay away from posting their random pictures.

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Posting political or religious opinions:

Yes you can definitely have political or religious opinions but do you think Facebook is the appropriate place for them ? Certainly not, Facebook is kinda light weight and friendly so you must keep things like that.

Posting your vacation planning:

Do you want robbers in your home while you travelling ? No, right ? So please stop giving post about the details of your vacation planning.

Curse words:

Nobody would enjoy your curse words even you were said them lightly. So you must avoid curse words on Facebook.

Big news of others: If you know that your best friend is getting married what should you do? Posted the news on facebook? NO. Let them say their big news at their own time. Got ti?

So guys just remember these little but very important rules and enjoy the best social media ever.


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