45+ Colorful Pink Hairstyles to Try

So you caught Kim Kardashian’s fresh hair and are suddenly struck with an intense hope to dye your strands candy-floss pinkish. You are not alone.

That woman has the ability to launch a thousand people into bangs to pick up haircloth dye, a contour kit, or butt pads. Earlier you commit to the bleach, it’s worth thinking about the maintenance of such a trendy look.

Kim Kardashian has hair colorists on call as well as enough of profit to spare on touch-ups – she does not actually have to laser hair removal or care about her hair becoming a faint shade of peach in a days time.

Us normal citizenry, however, had better probably taken this into consideration before we think pink. Along with many additional non-natural colors, pink fades at hyper speed.

It will look gloriously brilliant when you first dye it, but after a couple of washes, you are likely to be left with a faded pastel hue.

This is because of the way color gets locked into cuticles, and how it essentially comes right out all time you wash and dry your hair.

Sophia Hilton, the color expert of the year and director of Not Another Salon, explains it like this: ‘Cuticles are like lots of little doors wrapped around the hair to protect it.

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‘With heat, coloring and lots of other factors, the doors are perpetually opening and closing, and so the hinges get weekend and a few of the doors fall off. ‘And then, when you are urgently trying to keep a color particle in, in this case, your pink shade, you can’t, because the color virtually keeps breach of the door frames!’

The more damaged your hair is, the more open the cuticles are, and the many your color can drop out.

But even absolutely conditioned hair will fade as you wash it and go about your life in the world – all you can do is slow down the fade, not stop it entirely. Here’s how to make your pink color last for as long as humanly possible.

Pink Hairstyles

Colorful pink hairstyles (11)

Colorful pink hairstyles (11)