How to Color Over Blue Hair – 4 Simple Steps

Over the years, blue hair has grown in popularity, and it is because of its vibrant look. You can also achieve a wide range of shades such as pastel shade, bright blue streaks, or an all-over color to style blue hair.

Over the years, blue hair has grown in popularity, and it is because of its vibrant look. You can also achieve a wide range of shades such as pastel shade, bright blue streaks, or an all-over color to style blue hair.

Coloring over blue hair is not rocket science. You can conveniently transform yourself into a unique personality by achieving your desired color. All you need to do is, go through this comprehensive guide on “how to color over blue hair.”

How to Color Over Blue Hair – 4 Simple Steps

What are the Types of Blue Hair Dye?

Finding a permanent blue hair dye is quite challenging. But, it is not impossible. Since the popularity is increasing over time, permanent blue hair dye types and availability are also increasing. More common styles are deep-dyed and ombre. However, still, the range of permanent shade doesn’t come close to the semi-permanent shade. For this reason, most people consider using semi-permanent dye for their blue hair.

Here is the list of the best color to dye over blue hair. You could try them out over your blue hair.

Red Hair Dye

Characteristically, red hair dye comes with a lot of pigment. As a result, these hair dye types do a great job covering blue hair dye.

Brown Hair Dye

One of the best hair dyes for blue hair is brown hair dye.

The brown shade is generally combined with orange color. If you want to cancel out the blue tones, this orange tone is a good option in this case.

Black Hair Dye

Black hair dye is also a good choice for covering the blue tone of your hair. However, remember that black dye has a blue base.

So, while applying black hair dye, you will significantly darken your hair. For canceling the blue tone, choose a black hair dye with reddish undertones.

How to Color Over Blue Hair – A Complete Guide

Follow the below step-by-step process to color over blue hair.

Step 01: Preparing Your Hair

Properly section your hair when applying bleach. This will help you get the desired result. At the same time, the application process will speed up, and you will hardly miss any area.

In order to section your hair, dive your hairs into half by parting them down from the middle of your forehead. Then, you need to separate this initial part again. Part the initial portion into half again from ear to ear.

Once you finish parting, you will have 4 discrete sections. Now, the entire application process will be quicker and easier. You can conveniently coat into one section from top to bottom.

If you never separate your hairs following the discussed process, make sure to practice beforehand. Once you are familiar with the process, confirm sectioning your hair before mixing and applying the dye.

In this case, keep your hair unwashed. This way, the natural oils of your hair will protect your scalp from irritation. Wash your hair with shampoo 2 – 3 days before the application day.

Step 02: Hair Dye Applying

You will find many different shades for your blue hair, but the most important thing is all are semi-permanent dyes.

The application process is quite similar for all hair dyes. The only difference is the recommended time after applying the dye. The time varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. But the timing is not the bible. If the semi-permanent dye is not harmful, you can let the dye stay on your hair for a long period.

As per your selected dye’s consistency, you may need to apply the color using a brush or hand. It would be best to choose a tinting brush regardless of the consistency.

However, wear gloves if you decide to use your hands to apply the dye.

Step 03: Processing Time

Once the dye is applied thoroughly, grab a comb and use it to comb gently. This way, even applications will be confirmed. While combing, try massaging your strands from root to end. Any missed area will get covered by doing so.

Follow the processing time as per your brand. As stated earlier, this time varies from brand to brand.

Don’t leave your dye less than the recommended time; you will end up with less coloring, quick fading, and a duller look.

While leaving the dye for longer hours will let you achieve a brighter look. We recommend you to follow the manufacturer’s reference for better results.

During the processing time, cover your hair with a plastic shower cap. Thus, the dye will not dry out or rub onto other surfaces.

Step 04: Washing Your Hair

Thoroughly wash your hair with warm water once the manufacturer’s recommended time is passed. Make sure all dyes are washed out. Stop washing when you see clear water. Then apply conditioner for treating your hair.

After washing:

  1. Wring out all the water.
  2. Use a soft towel to cover your hair.
  3. Ensure air drying. You can also use a hairdryer but use medium heat settings.

When dried fully, you will have the expected dye over blue hair.

How to Maintain Blue Hair?

To maintain the expected tone, maintain the below tips.

  • Use cooler water to wash your hair. Hot water can fade away from your hair and remove the dye. You will experience less fading when you wash with cool water.
  • Apply color-saving shampoo. They contain weaker emulsifiers and take out less color. However, don’t use them too often because these shampoo types will be unable to clean your hair.
  • Don’t forget to apply the conditioner after washing. The conditioner will help you detangle your hair. Simultaneously, your hair will remain moisturized.
  • Hair serum will shield your color from moisturizing. At the same time, hair serum eliminates frizz while soothing your hair.

Final Notes

Didn’t you find the coloring over blue hair so simple? Hopefully, with the above steps on “how to color over blue hair,” you can easily get your blue hair colored without hassle.

While choosing a hair dye, buy from a brand because branded items are made with top-quality ingredients to give you healthy hair. Also, the conditioner should be of high quality. Moreover, follow the manufacturer’s recommendation to get the right shade over blue hair.