8 Reasons That Cause The Breast To Grow Exorbitantly

The breast size starts to grow through puberty with the high estrogen levels produced by the female body.

The breast size starts to grow through puberty with the high estrogen levels produced by the female body. But there are many other factors through the years to come that causes an increase in breast size. While many women don’t pay much attention to the rapid increase in the size, there are many changes that a female body undergoes with time.

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The slight changes or alterations that you witness can be due to hormonal, genetic, weight gain, unhealthy habits or a result of your recent pregnancy.Let’s discuss some of the subsequent reasons that causes increase in the bust size.

8 Reasons That Cause The Breast To Grow Exorbitantly


Women of age are often concerned on how to reduce breast size, but let’s acknowledge the fact that our genes have a major part to play in the way we look, after all. And breast size too is determined by the family history but it only determines the scale of your breast in terms of how big or small it can grow, not the actual size of your breast. This means that your genes can decide a certain breast size, but your actual size will be developed over time with many other factors coming into play.


Breasts are primarily made of adipose tissues, which is fat. So, if you either gain or lose weight, it shows a direct effect on your breast size. Your breast size will change considerably even if you are only a few kgs down, here and there. No, we are not speaking of a few gms or the usual bloating that you feel due to water loss, it happens only after an alarming loss or gain in your weight.

Birth Control

If you are taking some birth control pills, there are a high chances that those medications are causing water retention which in turn will change your breast size. However, this particular change caused by birth control pills will rarely be permanent. It usually becomes evident only when you begin with your birth control cycle.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

For a fact. A woman’s breast size grows during pregnancy. It can grow from a few cup sizes during and even post pregnancy period which is again a result of the hormonal changes . Pregnancy leads to an increase in the levels of progesterone which is crucial factor in the enlargement of breast size. Following this, your breast size increases when you breastfeed your little one but they usually get back to their normal size after a few months of post-pregnancy, when you stop feeding. You can expect a more pronounced effect if you have multiple children.


Commonly known as sagging of boobs, with age, your body undergoes some changes, so does your breast. Your breast size will not be the same forever, it will get older as you get older. They began to sag, it happens as the skin’s elasticity reduces and the regeneration process also slows down.


As mentioned before, hormones plays a vital role and also a driving factor which leads to the change in breast size. They cause a prompt enlargement of the milk producing tissues, also called glandular tissue, and also influence the growth of the adipose tissues. Another reason could be swelling in the breast which can be a result of temporary fluid accumulation. When women enter their perimenopausal phase, also have a high chance of breast enlargement due to an increase in the estrogen production.


This might not have occurred to you, but there are a lot of medications that contain high levels of estrogen and steroids which extremely affect the hormones and causes the enlargement of breast.


While you go through your menstrual cycle, your body also undergoes some changes. There is an expansion in the levels of estrogen and progesterone, once your body goes through ovulation. This not just makes your breast look bigger in size, but also make them more sensitive and delicate. So, if you notice – just as you approach your periods, there are high chances that your breast size increase.