Five Majorly Swoon-Worthy Home Renovation Trends of 2018

Are you looking for up-to-date ideas and trends to renovate your home for this year? If so, then you should keep on reading.

This year is all about improvement – it may be finding a new job, trying new habits, learning new hobbies or skills, or even remodeling your house in order to achieve maximum livability and comfort. During the past few years, home renovations and repairs play a bigger part of the business and economy scene – but what is in for 2018?

In this article, let’s tackle the different house renovation trends that are in for 2018 which will definitely suit your project and budget.

Bring in the comfy couch for aesthetics

If you think that big comfy couch is out of date, then you are wrong. In 2018, oversized sofas, ottomans, and chairs will fill the space without any clutters which will totally great for winter day activity like curling up with a good book. Adding light fixtures that have brass accents will also sad a bit of sparkle to your home.

Pocket doors are also no wonder to be a part of home renovation trends for 2018 mainly because it could be a practical option for homeowners who may need assistance for moving one room to another especially the elders.

In addition, in order to make room for your family, renovating your basement or adding an extra tiny house to your backyard will add more market value to your home in the years to come.

Adding Modern Architectural details for elegance

In 2018, expect to see new wainscoting patterns and tray ceilings on the interior and exterior of modern home renovations. These details tend to have cleaner lines which add an extra aesthetic, elegance, and simplicity to the vicinity of the house.

In addition, finishing textures like brushed brass, rose gold, and matte black is going to be in for 2018. These textures will add a refreshing look on the standard staples such as polished nickels to add an extra style and glam.

Nice navy coat of paint for cabinetry and maximizing storage

It is no wonder that in 2018, more houses will have a navy colored cabinetry. This trend will move over the white and black trend and will focus more on the neutral colors. Additionally, it is very common in modern houses to have rollouts and drawer dividers for storing things like clothes.

However, upgrading your storage will give you one big step further for your home renovation projects. For example, you can add a second refrigerator for other beverages which frees up real-estate from the main fridge. You could also opt for customized closets to organize and maximize every inch of pull outs and spaces in your bathroom to hold cosmetic items and other smaller toiletries.

Dine area Pimping and Kitchen Makeover

It has been a common family tradition or daily activity to spend more time in the kitchen. This could be the reason why remodeling or reworking your rooms for an eating nook will not only free up extra space but also creates the rest of the kitchen for different family activities.

Choosing the right patterns, textures, and painting jobs

Choosing the right color is one of the hottest home renovation trends for 2018. During the past years, neutral white and grey color have gained popularity but this year, more and more homeowners tend to go through saturated color for different kitchen appliances, decorative items, and cabinets to furniture.

If you don’t have the proper skills on how to choose the best color and other painting tasks for your home renovation project, choosing the best and professional painters that has the proper ideas for trendy renovations, resources, and tools will definitely help you do the painting jobs and take off loads of stress for this task.

As stated by designers and home renovation experts, in 2018, instead of coming into clean and plain white houses, more and more homeowners will opt for a home that sort of give them simplicity and elegance.


2018 is the best time to get more out of your home by planning your home renovation projects in order to reflect the popular trends of the year. This will not only benefit and increase your home’s market value but will also give you space and comfort for your family to enjoy for more years to come.