Boost Your Mood with the Sunshine

Sunlight is the key to happier you! Read on to know more!

Everyone wants to lead a happy and relaxed life and there’s no doubt about it. But you might be having trouble figuring out how that can be possible especially in these warm fuzzy days. Well, as it turns out, these warm fuzzy days are the key to your happier mood and to achieve true happiness.

Well, as a matter of fact, true happiness is the thing that we can get from the sunlight. And the problem these days starts from the fact that we try to spend more time indoors and that means no sunlight. No sunlight means no happiness and no boost of mind. This is not what we are saying, but this saying has been proven scientifically and we have got it on the board for your sake.

So, check out why you need to get your share of sunlight every day.


Sunlight Means Vitamin D:

Boost Your Mood with the Sunshine

Vitamin D has been overlooked by many of us and that’s where our sadness happens. As a matter of fact, Vitamin D helps the immune system to grow, is responsible for the cell growth and its regulation and when it is paired with calcium, it will help you protect your bones. As with all these health benefits, you would definitely feel better and when you feel better, you always feel happier! That’s why you need to get enough of the sunlight.

Sunlight Triggers Serotonin:

Boost Your Mood with the Sunshine

According to the Mayo Clinic, the reduced sunlight exposure has been associated with the drop in the serotonin that can lead to SAD. Serotonin is released from the eyes, with the help of sunlight and is a neurotransmitter affecting the mental health of the human beings. The neurotransmitter reduces anxiety, depression, heal wounds, stimulate nausea and also maintain bone health. That is the reason reduction in serotonin and sunlight makes you sad.

That means getting your share of sunlight means refreshing mood, happiness and healthier you. But do mind the sunscreen and make sure to get optimal sun exposure!