8 Plus Size Clothing Tips For Curvy Women

Every woman wishes to own a wardrobe filled with flattering garment options which she can wear with confidence for downplaying her problem zones and accentuating her assets.

Every woman wishes to own a wardrobe filled with flattering garment options which she can wear with confidence for downplaying her problem zones and accentuating her assets. But it often gets confusing to take the final pick with a diverse variety of silhouettes and cuts available in the field of plus size fashion for women. Today we will take you through this journey by breaking up the various body types of women and suggesting clothes which can render a flattering look time and again.

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Apple Shaped Body

These ladies usually carry the greatest bulk of their weight around their waistline which leads to a round appearance. Some Apple shaped ladies even have a wide back, rib cage and larger bust although their arms and legs are a bit on the slender side. The main motive of plus size fashion for women having apple shape body is to opt for clothes which can divert attention away from their mid-section.

Body Shapes Plus Size

V or scooped necklines look exceptionally good on apple shaped ladies as they create an illusion of a smaller waist and longer torso. When it comes to choosing jackets, you can stick to A-line styles with princess seams for a more waist-defining shape. While choosing A-line dresses and skirts, you should make sure that the widening of silhouette is gradual and not over exaggerated. Straight-leg or boot-cut pants can serve as your nirvana in the department of bottom wear. It can easily balance out your top portion by adding volume to the bottom.

Apple Shaped Body

Vertical patterns can render a lengthening illusion to your torso while diverting attention from your middle. You can also opt for geometric prints which are experts in camouflaging the midsection. Wearing solid pieces having simple details like buttons or layering them with a cardigan or vest can break up the torso region.

Body Type Plus Size

Extremely loose or tight attires should be avoided as they can draw in unwanted attention to your problem areas like love handles or maybe a full tummy. You should also be cautious about emphasizing your slender legs as extremely slim-cut pants can make your upper body seem even fuller. Other things to look out for are fussy details like pockets and pleats, high-cut necklines, boxy jackets, pencil skirts and belt worn at your natural waistline as they cannot be of much help in plus size fashion for women having apple shape body.

Apple Shaped Body

Different Plus Size Body Types

Pear shaped ladies gain weight at their lower half which leads to heavy upper thighs, full hips and a narrow shoulder. Plus size fashion for women having this body shape should be such that it accentuates your waistline by playing up your top half. Structured jackets having slight shoulder padding, tops with boat, square or ballet necklines and short jackets having peplum fit around the waist are ideal for these women.

Boot cut or full-leg jeans or pants also look exceptionally good on these ladies provided they opt for a darker shade and team it up with a light hued top.

Apple Shaped Body

Pear shaped women should avoid skinny pants as that will just further accentuate the disproportion in their figure. This also holds true for snug-fitting skirts having embellishments or pockets around the hip. When in doubt regarding what to wear, the pear-shaped divas can drape themselves in a jumpsuit made of fluid fabric to impart optimum definition to their waistline. You can also shift attention upwards with an interesting collar necklace.

Different Plus Size Shapes

Rectangle Shaped Body

Women having an athletic build have their weight evenly distributed throughout their frame with minimal definition around the waistline. This is why their bust and shoulders tend to be of same width as that of their hips. Plus size fashion for women having this body shape hint at wearing appropriate clothes which can create the illusion of curves in the right place.

Plus Size Body Shape

Your main motive should be to opt for pieces which can make your waist seem narrower. Deep scoop-necks, surplice tops, V-neck tops and wrap tops can help in drawing attention downwards for creating the right angles which can mimic the appearance of a defined waistline. You can also add a dash of femininity to your physique with ruffles and frills.

Rectangle Shaped Body

Some other good picks are trumpet skirts, A-line skirts, high-waisted pants, high-waisted pencil skirts, fit-and-flare dresses, boot-cut pants and long skirts. Straight-cut jackets, skirts or dresses need to be avoided at all cost as they tend to just accentuate your flaws. Belts worn around the mid-section will also make the lack of definition visible. It is thus advisable to wear it under the rib cage so that your garment flares out slightly from that point to create the illusion of a curvier waist.

Plus Size Body Shapes

Hourglass Shaped Body

With fuller hips and bust as well as a clearly defined waistline, ladies blessed with an hourglass frame can surely evoke envy amongst everyone. As their weight is evenly distributed throughout their body, the plus size fashion for women of this category advise to flaunt their overall physique by just camouflaging the weak spots.

Plus Size Body Types

Simple streamlined silhouettes are the perfect choice for plus size fashion for women having already balanced proportions. The cuts chosen by you needs to follow your natural line such as wrap styles, and peplum shaped jackets. Wearing high waisted skirts with belts can also showcase your killer midsection. Pencil skirts look extremely good on hourglass shaped ladies. Alternatively, they can opt for straight-leg or body-skimming boot-cut with a mid-rise for flaunting their shape.

Hourglass Shaped Body

Oversize cuts need to be avoided at all cost as they will just hide your curves. Frills and ruffles around the bust area are also infamous for adding unnecessary volume. You can opt for an empire-waisted dress having a ruched cut for contouring and flattering your shape to perfection.

Plus Size Shapes