Party Gamis Models for Fat Women

Eight models gamis party for fat people a la NiceStyles

You also need not be afraid to look fatter when using a robe. Eight models gamis party for fat people a la NiceStyles the following could be your stylish choice during 2018. Come on check it out.

  1. Cinderella Look-a-Like


This dress is made from a combination of satin plain and satin printed material. The shape of his flare arm makes this robe a must-have item, because this kind of arm is very trendy nowadays.

  1. Peplum Dress


Peplum model clothes identical to the size of the top that fit the body, cut on the abdomen, then spliced ​​with a widening cloth (flare). This type of clothing can disguise some large parts of your body, such as the stomach, hips, and arms.

  1. Crepe Dress


This material is light and cool in the skin, but not as invisible as chiffon material. Dress made of crepe material has a model of contemporary, namely cut-bray arm or bell sleeve.

  1. Tribal Dress


This tribal shirt has a vertically arranged motif. In addition, the size is medium with a choice of matching colors, so it can minimize the effect of ‘wide’ if worn later. Then, this robe also has a black outer layer that can disguise tribal motifs to be not too flashy.

  1. Bolero Dress


The next party gamis model for fat people is a dress that combined with a long bolero. Dress with a plain purple base color is very suitable combined with a long yellow bolero with a purple accent.

  1. Knot Dress


This dress comes with a knot or binder accents on the abdomen, which can give the illusion of a flat stomach and a slimmer body. This robe is made of chiffon, and of course very suitable for fat people use a dress made of lightweight materials.

  1. Gray Dress


Too much color on the clothes, especially if the color is too crashing like pink with yellow for example, can make the body look more volume. Therefore, often use a plain dress with one color as you can see in the picture above.

  1. All Black


As already discussed above, a plain shirt with one color alone can give a skinny effect on the body. Especially if the color options are dark, like the all black all here.