10+ Bold Pointy Nails Collection

Pointy nails are one of the must-have nail shapes. Manicures with the long and sharp point are great for anyone wanting to try something bold. We love this trendy look and have found 21 of the best pointy nails designs. Whether you want something pretty, statement making or unique – there is something for everyone. Take a look to find your favourite.

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1. Glitter Pointy Nails

Our first set of pointy nails have been inspired by unicorns. These nails feature one pink accent nail with the unicorn horn pattern, two glittery pink nails and light pink nails with rhinestones. This nail art captures the magic of the mythical creatures. There are plenty of tutorials available online of how to get the 3D horn. So, you can recreate this look and many more.

Pink Glitter Pointy Nails 

Source: @aymehnails

2. Vibrant Orange Pointy Nails

Want to brighten up your look for summer? Then this orange nail art is the way to do it! These funky nails have two different designs which creates a trendy look. The stiletto shape and vibrant shade make one statement making set of nails. You could recreate this art in any color, but orange is fun and bold which is perfect for the season.

Vibrant Orange Pointy Nails for Summer

Source: @maryloujxo

3. Matte Pink Pointy Nails

Pointy nails are a bold shape that look great with intricate nail art and with just one color. These nails use a soft and light pink which is a contrast to the daring nail shape. This combination works beautifully. With nails like these you get the best of both worlds, pretty and fierce.

4. Silver Glitter Nail Art

Prefer your nails with a little sparkle? Then our next pick is for you. This nail art features long stiletto nails covered in silver sparkles. These look holographic which gives them a trendy and futuristic vibe. We love these and think they are a great way to glam up your look.

Bold, Silver Glitter Pointy Nails

Source: @ellis_naglar

5. Bold & Long Black Nails

Our next pick is bold and trendy. These pointy nails feature a striking black polish with colorful accent nails. This is a funky look that could be recreated in any color palette. Something like this is fun but chic and will suit everyone. Take this picture as inspiration to your next salon appointment or try it yourself at home.

Bold, Black Pointy Nails

Source: @monanailedit

6. Blue Metallic Pointy Nails

Blue is a trendy color that suits everyone and looks stylish in every shade. If you like blue our next pick could be for you. These vibrant blue nails will brighten up your look for any occasion. Nail art like this is perfect for the summer. You could recreate nails like this in any blue tone.

7. Pink and Silver Nails

Pink is a pretty color that is a popular choice in nail art. One of the great things about pink is that goes with almost any color. These pink pointy nails have been paired with light silver accent nails. The silver and pink complement each other perfectly. Darker pink shades would work too, so try a few a different shade to create a new look.

Girly, Pink and Silver Pointy Nails

Source: @nehty.marketa

8. Light Pink and Crystal Nails

Here is another stunning pink pointy nail design. This one features stunning crystal art. This glitzy and glam nail art is perfect for anyone looking for nails for a special occasion. Maybe a party or even a wedding. It also has a great choice for the ladies who just want to glam up their look. You could recreate this in a darker shade too.

Light Pink and Crystal Pointy Nails

Source: @3dnailsalon

9. Simple Pointy Nail Design

Grey is a chic shade that will suit every nail length and shape. This nail art features two shades of grey on long pointy nails. The use of grey makes the shape of the nails stand out and gives the overall look a trendy finish. You could recreate something like this or use different shades to create a unique look.

Simple Pointy Nail Design for Fall and Winter

Source: @christynails1

10. Super Long Pointy Nails

Next on our list is this stunning rose art. Rose art is a great technique to master for nail art as it can be used in many ways. This art features a neutral base polish with white roses on top. The color combination is very chic and stylish. You could recreate this with stencils or stickers available online.