Why should you invest a Classic Max Mara Coat this Season?

Why should you invest a Classic Max Mara Coat this Season?


Yes we understand. This should probably be the priciest item in your winter wardrobe. But we know you’d love to wear it every day too. So it’s definitely worth considering what makes a great coat. And Max Mara is gearing up to release its latest exhibition featuring the already famous iconic coat in Seoul. If you are thinking about buying a Classic Max Mara Coat, read on to find out what kind of coat you should invest on this season!

The Teddy Bear Coat

max mara

This the rising star of Max Mara and they are pretty proud about it. I mean what’s not to be proud of. It was released in 2013 and it was an instant hit. The pile is pure camel hair on a base of elegant silk and Max Mara introduced a new color this season that we fell in love with –rich ruby red. The urge to cocoon yourself in this is almost irresistible.

Teddy bear coat, £1,740 at Max Mara.

The Cardigan Coat

max mara

This is the ultimate amalgamation of the coziness of a camel coat and the nonchalance of a cardigan. The collar and the lovely front panel are in Max Mara’s trademark camel hair. However the back and the sleeves are knitted with a super heavy cable stich. Swagger with your hands in those oversized patch pockets.

Cardigan coat, £2,715 at Max Mara.

The Trench

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We think elegance about the coats you wear should be subtly expressed and not screamed. Everything of this trench is of camel hair and it has its elegant authenticity. You can always relate the design of this coat to the architecture of the street. You can live in this coat and when it’s a good coat it gives you a sense of womanly empowerment.

Camel trench coat, £1,740 at Max Mara.