Asian Men Best HairStyles

The BEST hairstyles for Asian men and how to cut them and style them.

The BEST hairstyles for Asian men and how to cut them and style them. Begone the failures of trying to style your hair like other ethnicities and learn how to work with what you’ve got, because honestly, Asian hair is just as good, if not better to work with, once you know how to. Asian men have a very different type of hair. Asian men have a more coarse and ridgid type of hair, however, once this hair grows out, asian hair has a silkier, smoother type of hair texture. So basically, if you’re asian, you’re going to have a tough time trying to style your hair if its short, which for most men, is just that. However, scroll through this post and by the end of it, you’ll have the tools necessary to equip yourself with a killer hair do sure to woo the ladies, or, impress other men!

Side part

Asian Men HairStyles

The side part is a timeless hair do, not only for asian men, but for other men as well. It is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something professional, like going to an interview or business meeting. A timeless hair do. This haircut would fit especially well for Asian men, since most of us have very. VERY straight hair, which would make it easy to apply the gel and simply comb it over to the desired side! Super simple, and extremely low maintenance but also a very professional look, every professionals secret weapon.
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Messy fringe

This messy fringe is a hairstyle popular amongst highschool boys and boys of younger age. However, many Asians, especially amongst the Japanese adopt this hairstyle as it is aesthetically pleasing, but also almost no effort at all to style. To style this hair, all you need to do is dry your hair, and apply a small amount of wax to give your hair a little volume and some texture. This style is managable and isn’t possible to fall out of place.
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Simple spiked up

This hairstyle is very simple to achieve and is also managable. This hairstyle is suitable for all occasions such as professional or casual. The hairstyle is very easy to achieve and takes minimal effort to uphold. Simply evenly apply wax throughout your dry hair and then shape it up. If this hairstyle falls out of place, all you need to do is use your fingers to push it up again. Very managable and easy to achieve.

Fringe up

This hairstyle is sexy and stylish for young men and even older men, however, slightly curly hair would be recommended as for ease of styling. This hairstyle is suitable for both occasions, but a more casual scene would be recommended. To achieve this style, it is quite simple. Towel dry your hair and apply a circular motion whilst blow drying on medium heat to achieve more texture and curls. Once done, apply wax evenly throughout your hair and style it a little messy to enphasize the curls.
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Long hair

This long hairstyle is zero maintenance and is also stylish. This hairstyle can be used for a more casual scene as this haircut may look ‘sloppy’ to some. However, this haircut is easy to manage and can actually be manipulated into many styles. But to achieve the style presented in the picture, simply apply a tiny amount of wax to dry hair and mess it up a little. There is no maintenance necessary for this hairstyle.
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Medium length layered

This haircut is similar to the long hair hairstyle except that this hairstyle has more texture to it. This hairstyle is very low maintenance but it comes at a price, which is that this hair could get in your eyes. There is next to no requirements to achieve this hairstyle in terms of styling it, all you have to do is apply a little bit of wax evenly throughout your hair and then ‘scrunch’ it up to try get some volume and texture at the same time


The versatility of the famed undercut hairstyle definitely applies to Asian men as well. As most Asian men tend to have hair that naturally sticks up, the undercut would actually be a very suitable hairstyle for Asian men. This hairstyles strongest point is in its aesthetic and whoever equips themselves with it will definitely stand out and have an intimidating vibe, or someone that is under control, and confident.
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The perm

The perm is an excellent way for you to switch it up from your boring, typical hairstyles. The perm is a amazingly low maintenance haircut which suits both a professional and casual scene. Although not many can rock this hairstyle, for those that can, it definitely pays off as this hairstyle requires no styling required. No wax is required as the curls that come with the perm provide ample amount of volume and also naturally stays in place. You won’t need to get your fingers and hand sticky from all the waxy residue from trying to reshape your hair again and again when it falls in place.
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The samurai

The samurai is an amazing hairstyle to rock especially if you’re Asian. Not only does this hair do look bad-ass, but it also keeps your long hair out of your face and from looking messy. This hairstyle encompasses a more unique and hipster vibe, obviously by it’s name, this hairstyle took its inspiration from the samurais of Japan that liked to grow their hair long. Most men can’t rock this hairstyle as you need a defined face, but if you can, this is definitely a hairstyle you should try out. It’s low maintenance, aesthetic and you’ll have many people telling you how cool you look.