25+ Stunning Short Hairstyles for Wavy Hair

Summer can be a hard time for many.

Summer can be a hard time for many. There is a sense of uneasiness and sweat and you feel like staying inside a pool all day. During summer, all your winter clothes find a cozy space inside the wardrobe and you start changing your clothes for the season. But changing the clothes alone will not help the cause. Because its summer, you will find it very difficult especially when you have long hair. You’re definitely prone to sweat. Hence, the right thing to do is to cut your hair short for easy maintenance and to relax. Because it’s summer, there are some short hairstyles that would naturally be trending. One such hairstyle is the wavy hair. You will already be looking at a lot of beach waves around you and you might want to give it a try. Sometimes, you’ll be naturally gifted with a wavy hair. If you’ve decided to go with the wave, (no pun intended) here are some spectacular hairstyles that you could try.

Short graduated bob is undoubtedly one of the best hairstyles for wavy hair there is. It’s a super chic hairstyle and goes with all kinds of attire and occasions. You can wear the hairstyle anywhere. Be it to your office or to a cocktail party, or even to your graduation! It will attract the people around you. Graduated bob has super cool layers at the back and little hair at the front. It’s unique in its own sense and never lets the wearer down.  You don’t even have to worry about maintaining your hair. The best part is that most of the colors suit this hairstyle in case you want to color your hair.

Wavy hair already looks messy sometimes. But messy wavy hair is a trend that is adopted by most of those with messy hair. After all, being messy is the new fashion. Messy wavy hair doesn’t look neat but has all the capabilities to put you in the center of attention. It accentuates your face well and gives you a nice carefree look. It looks super gorgeous on those with messy hair and will definitely make a great hairstyle.

Bangs are another way of making a fashion statement. It makes your face look cute and gorgeous. Side bangs particularly are in trend for a long time, and when compared with soft waves, you’ll be nothing short of an angel. Side bangs must be done carefully though. Ask your hairstylist to cut your hair at an angle so that you achieve proper side bangs that could go well with your face. The ends of the hair must be wavy but not too wavy. It should be wavy enough for people to think it’s natural. This combination is a clear hit when it comes to wavy hair and would never let you down.

The list goes on and on. There are so many hairstyles for those with wavy hair. Adopting a messy hair not only looks cool but accentuates your glam. There are still more options that you can try from below:

Short Hairstyles for Wavy Hair

Short Hairstyles for Wavy Hair