10 Trendy Long Hair to Pixie Transformations for Girls

Drastically changing your hair can be fun, but it is also very nerve-wracking. A transition to a short cut can be a refreshing change if you’re bored with your longer style, but you shouldn’t blindly face the scissors without doing your research first.

Check out for how to successfully pull off a transformation from long hair to Pixie and achieve the most flattering results.

Long Bleached Hair to Voluminous Swept-Back Pixie

Long Bleached Hair to Voluminous Swept-Back Pixie


These before and after styles transform basic, hard-to-manage bleached long layers into a streamlined, professional, and trendy swept-back pixie cut.

The darker roots in the post-transformation pixie cut help this style look more even and natural. It also flatters lighter skin tones with pink undertones by not creating too much contrast between your skin and hair.