Stockholm Fashion Week Street Style

Stockholm Fashion Week Street Style


Stockholm Fashion Week basically killed and can’t wait to show you all what it featured! We have the most stylish attendees and the street style trends right here and we think they are great enough for you to try in the spring/summer ’17.

Style 1

Stockholm Fashion Week

Looking a new way to rock leather on the streets here is how! Classy, elegant and spring/winter appropriate.

Style 2

Stockholm Fashion Week

Simple. Playful and elegant. This might be all you need as an accessory.

Style 3

Stockholm Fashion Week

Louis Vuitton did not back out at the Stockholm Fashion Week. We can’t get enough of these colour it adds on to the gloomy autumn.

Style 4

Stockholm Fashion Week

Let’s bring back the 80’s signature hair to the spring/summer ’17. Super cute and versatile don’t you think

Style 5

We can’t get enough of how cute all these look. This is definitely one of our favorites from the Stockholm FW.

Style 6

Stockholm Fashion Week

Looking for inspiration for your good old office wear? Simple. Official and elegant.

Style 7

Stockholm Fashion Week

Can you take your eyes off these? We can’t and we have tried a lot. This could be toe curling during autumn but it is totally worth it for a less cold day.

Style 8

Stockholm Fashion Week

Rustic Italian beauty blended with the modern chic. We are obsessed with this look.

Style 9

Stockholm Fashion Week

Let’s bring back the genuine American 80’s on the streets! You know you won’t be disappointed !

Style 10

We can’t help but be blinded by the full-on summery vibe this outfit gives!

Style 11

Stockholm Fashion Week

How to walk on clouds and still look super chic. We are obsessed! If you are not into the slides you can easily replace with black sexy pair of pumps.

Style 12

Stockholm Fashion Week

This is for the travelling super chic, chick. If you wish to blend business. Serious and fashion. We suggest you to look no further than this!

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