Perfect Hair; how to wake up with perfect hair

Perfect Hair; how to wake up with perfect hair


The quick wash-and-go hairstyles make excellent sense for summer. And we agree. But once the winter’s freezing temperatures set in, doing a salon-style blow-dry after your shower everyday does not an efficient morning make. Leave the house with damp hair expecting to have the same result as you got in the summer, your teeth will be chattering all the way to office. If you dry it properly and you will have to wake up an hour early to be out of the door in time. So, how to maintain the perfect hair during winter?

The answer of course is to shower the night before. But it might lead to something like a scarecrow-like strands. The trick is to know what you want.

Decide what kind of hair you want to be waking up with

perfect hair

What is your idea of perfect hair? For undone, kink-like waves, the key is drying hair completely before you begin. Work it into a tight plait before you get to bed and give yourself around 10 minutes in the morning to complete the look.

Undo the plait and then piece out the waves, using a texturizing balm like Redken Rough Paste to separate the hair and create that crimped effect. If there are any weird areas or sticky-out bits you might need to adjust them quickly with a tong, and then you can add lift at the roots with a bit of dry shampoo.

For an even more undone look

perfect hair

Blast your hair with a hairdryer until it is 90% dry. Then go to bed. Roll around as much as you want but keep in mind that this type of trick can drive your hair wild depending on your hair texture. Finish with a texturising spray and a rough comb-through with your fingers and you’ve got the ultimate weekend hairstyle without having to wait for it to dry.

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